Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

The overnight global phenomenon Pokémon Go game gave us the feeling that we, at Mimi Berlin, need some education on Massively Multiplayer Online Games: ’cause that’s what the Pokemon Go game is. If you feel that need too; read on. Otherwise just look at the image and have a chuckle.

Pokémon GoMimi’s favorite Pokémon; Pikachu (“Pika” is the onomatopoeia for “flash”. and “chu” is the sound a mouse makes in Japanese. so Pikachu is flash mouse.) This image of a guy dressed up as Pikachu is also going viral, it’s made and posted by ireallycantonese

We love the fact that Pokémon Go is The Rage of today. It shows us that the digital age in which we live is evolving rapidly. We don’t have to be afraid anymore for a complete generation growing up without daylight, as we always thought they would. (actually that’s the same kind of prediction made a couple of centuries ago, when people thought the streets would be filled with piles of horseshit).

The MMOG’s are an incentive to interact with people around the world, in the flesh. Players of the games have to go at so-called portals, which are real world locations, in order to play. (The remnants of Nazi concentration camps Dachau and Sachsenhausen are portals which were removed last year in July 2015)

Okay, back to what MMOG’s are, including some history Continue reading