Karen Nicol

At Moba 13 we were enchanted by the work of Karen Nicol. There were 3 tall polar bears made of textile on show, created with fine detailing, perfect workmanship and humor. karen_nicol_white_mimi_berlin foto4
Make sure to visit her website to see more of her gallery filled with animals. Karen Nicol is an embroidery and mixed media textile artist working in gallery, fashion and interiors. Her customers include Anthropologie, Clements Rribeiro, The King of Qatar, the Pope, People Tree, Marc Jacobs and Chloe, to name a few.

>>Niels Peeraer at MoBA 13

Niels Peeraer

Yesterday we visited Arnhem again. This time we went to see the main exhibition of MoBA 13 “Fetishism in Fashion”.
A leather headpiece in soft pink with gold hardware, designed by Niels Peeraer, really caught our eye. It looked like a purse turned upside down and at the same time as a leather wig: Cleopatra meets Manga. At the office we looked up this young designer from Belgium and learned he is a designer of mostly bags, bracelets, key chains and such. Up till now he made four collections in a strong, personal style, expanding the story he started telling with his MA collection for S/S 2011.

(Photography by Dirk Alexander, courtesy of Niels Peeraer)
‘Guess technology isn’t ready for pancake teleportation’ MA collection (S/S 2011) by Niels Peeraer. About a boy who has an imaginary boyfriend but still prepares everyday to get married to his love.

We thought this photo is explanatory for Niels Peeraer’s style: sweet softness combined with the opposite; rough and hard core: Killercute! His latest work has evolved into more roughness than the photo above, it immediately makes you think of sex in an SM kind of way, again: KillerCute!!!

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