Wet T-Shirts

Wet T-shirts, they have a history to tell! Mimi Berlin Blogger team dove into that sexy subject…. They became very popular in the 1970s and even kind of mainstream in 1977 when Jaqueline Bisset wore a white t-shirt while scuba diving in the Movie The Deep. Wet- Shirts Contests, they even have a Wikipedia page, originated in the 1940s, thanks to La Tomatina festival in Spain. Filmmaker Dick Barrymore claims in his memoir Breaking Even to have held the first wet T-shirt contest at Sun Valley, Idaho’s Boiler Room Bar in January 1971, as part of a promotion for K2 skis. We all know what a wet t-shirt contest looks like nowadays (if they still exist)…. end of story.K2_wet_t-shirtContest 1971
The second promotional Wet T-Shirt contest for K2 skis on March 10, 1971 at Aspen, Colorado’s The Red Onion restaurant and bar. Photo: Pat Bauman Archives (via k2skis)

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Thank you Ms Wooller for the inspiration.
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Pitch of the week: Knitted Tops

How great are these pictures? They came from a knitting patterns magazine from the fifties. No Photoshop, and that’s how we like it, the poses are a bit peculiar because in fact the models (yes it is a job and talent) are uncomfortable posing with their bodies pushed through a hole in the background paper. It could be a circus act of the fashionable kind. Women without Legs.
This idea could be shaped in the form of an editorial, a movie or an actual sideshow/fashion show.
vintage knitted topsvintage knitted tops
(via vintagepatternsdazespast) (buy here)

Dear editors, stylists, art director’s and what have you….That’s the pitch for this week! Your Welcome, and have a nice day! xoxo Mimi

Please contact us when you are using this pitch, we’ll work out some kind of fee for Mimi Berlin xoxo

Lady Birgit Lee

Former Danish model Birgit “Gitte” Krøncke Lee, wife of the actor Christopher Lee. 745-386020_0x440 vi01010d0350-035104walker-485841_0x440
Gitte Lee, photographed by Tim walker for Vogue Italia October 2010

Gitte Lee in a Celine ad campaign for Fall 2010, Photo by Jeurgen Teller (via)

Gitte Lee : The Art of Personal Style on Advanced style blog

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is born on May 31 in 1965. We could all watch her grow-up on the cover of a magazine. At 13, she was the youngest model ever to cover Vogue. Before that, her mother made her do advertisements (a lot).

There are many, many more covers featuring Ms Shields. The 1980’s her covershoots were at its peak. At that time you could follow her face monthly, or maybe even every week on some cover, if you wanted to.

At the moment she’s covered mostly on the ‘mature woman’ magazines such as Red, Good Housekeeping and such, but sill, an occasional sexy photo still pops up.
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