Statuettes in Room 34 at Hotel Modez


mimi berlin modez hotel
On the left: The Dip series, animals. (permanent collection of Hotel Modez)mimi berlin modez hotel
Small and black assemblages, animals. (permanent collection of Hotel Modez)mimi berlin modez hotel
The Spanish Flowerpot (permanent collection of Hotel Modez)mimi berlin modez hotel
Small collection from the Mimi Berlin Archives

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Room #34 at Hotel Modez


Mimi Berlin’s a-MB-iance and Beja von Bis designed the interior for room # 34 at the Hotel Modez in Arnhem, The Netherlands.Room #34 at Hotel Modez
This room is designed to make you feel welcome as a guest of Mimi Berlin, as if you were staying overnight at her pied-a-terre in France.Room #34 at Hotel Modez
Comfort: The designers created a romantic room with an edge, but above all, a comfortable and welcoming place to stay. To make the guests even more at ease they used comforting images of animals and flowers. Pink hues were used to soften up the brain even more. a-MB-iance and Beja von Bis took great care in picking the right items from Mimi Berlins vintageDeLuxe archives; furniture, fabrics, lighting, books and statuettes, they give this room it’s personal touch.
Room #34 at Hotel Modez
The accessoiries wall; Mimi’s first ballroom shoes, a porcelain hand with images of,,,,, and a silk scarf brought home as a souvenir by Mimi from Paris, way back.
Room #34 at Hotel Modez
Porcelain animal statuettes dipped in black high-gloss paint, designed by Mimi Berlin SPECIALS. The accessories and statuettes are taken from Mimi Berlin’s personal collections and are high quality VintageDeLuxe products.
The ebony bedside-tables are elephant shaped,  they are accompanied by brass flower shaped bed lamps, all vintageDeLuxe qualitty.bed_image_edit
Love Latyrus, photo JW Kaldenbach. Green Girls, photo by Hans Feurer. Joni 90, painting by John Kacere. Flasherin, illustration by Mathile Admiral.
The Bed: The quilt and the pillows have golden accents. The little crocheted pillow in the middle is made in white cotton with a black background, all made by Eli Schäfer, by hand with love. The duvet was found at Zara. The images above the bed all have to do something with love, beds and sex (in a fairly decent way).
Darryl Hanna, photo by Michel Lecomte. Bed Peace, photo by Nico Koster.
A Midsummer’s Night Dream, 1932, movie still from MGM studio’s.  Titania, moon, photo: NASA. in New York, photo by Bruce Weber.IMG_0369
Reading: If you’re not inspired by the pictures on the walls of the room you can always have a read. On the bedside table you’ll find books on flora, fauna, miracles of nature, a book on collecting things, the novel Space by James A. Michener, A midsummer nights dream by Shakespeare, an issue of Vogue Italia and the German dictionary.

Planet Mimi: Lamps galore. This is the view when lying down on the bed. Twelve handpicked, vintage glass lamps create planet Mimi. The mirrored Disco ball can be turned on with the switch next to the sink. The light switches next to the bed are multifunctional, for control over all the lighting in the room.
Sensations for the brain: The room provides some hidden sensations; Be careful, the kleptomaniac inside of you can be triggered! The little statuettes aren’t fixed to the beam. This is not a free service; it will be settled upon come check-out time.
On the right, hidden behind the TV wall  is a little office area with a desk.
The translucent Vanity Chair, with leather seating is designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Magis. The little lime coloured lamp is a VintageDeLuxe design from Hala. The patchwork curtain is designed by Beja von Bis, it features the galaxy, black insects, lace and golden fibres. She used high-end quality fabrics from Mimi Berlins archives. The wallpaper is designed by a-MBiance, it features Phil, the white cat, camelia’s and roses, held by a friendly hand with LOVE written on the fingers. The wallpaper is digitally printed.
The vanity corner, with a blogger-like picture story on vanity, Mimi style.
The designers placed a patchwork mirror wall next to the, standard, bathroom set. These mirror tiles are meant to be both functional  and decorative. It is the backdrop for yet another, gorgeous, vintageDeLuxe layer (the fancy mirror) in this newly built hotel. Guests can check if their shoes match their outfits,  remember, this is a room in a fashion design hotel . More down to earth; the wall next to the sink won’t get wet and dirty.
Interactive entertainment.
Even the bedtimes are good, a photo essay about human life in bed, is a project by Mimi Berlin in which Room 34 at hotel Modez takes part. Photos made by guests on or with the bed in room 34 can be uploaded and watched on

Some facts:

-Room #34 is the smallest room in the hotel.
-Room # 34 has a view of an original Dutch windmill.
-The wallpaper Love Phil will be for sale at the MimiMall from October 2012.
-A do-it-yourself kit of the chrocheted pillowcase Mimi’s Legs will be for sale at the MimiMall from April 2013.

Hotel Modez , Elly Lamaker plantsoen 4, Arnhem, The Netherlands.


a-MB-iance is a big fan of the Vanity Chair designed by Stefano Giovaninni for Magis. She ordered this chair for the Mimi Berlin Modez hotelroom  (#34). The chair is transparent and has a white leather seating cushion, fresh!

Magis products are furnishing the halls of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and precisely the polycarbonate chairs Cyborg (design Marcel Wanders) were included in the “Impressionist Gallery” on the 5th floor of the museum itself.

PROJECTS: even the bedtimes are good

_____________________________________________________________________________ MIMI BERLIN PORTFOLIO: PROJECTS

Even the bedtimes are good.
Für unsere Mutti und in memory of Verena Nuding.
An ongoing photo essay by Mimi Berlin on human life in bed, in random order.

Above: Verena Nuding, 22-2-1980, Even The Bed tomes are good 27, 25,5 x 31 cm, laminated xerox print.

This project is divided into two parts:
First and originally, on human life in bed, in random order. See the ongoing  photo-essay HERE
Secondly; even the bedtimes are good#34, (self) portraits UPLOADED by guests of room 34 at the Hotel Modez. You can also submit your photo HERE
Above: Photo by Beja von Bis made in Mimi Berlin’s room #34 at the Hotel Modez.

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The department store at Mimi Berlin with a variety of pretty products.


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