Wall of Dolls Milan

Wall of Dolls Milan / Il Muro delle Bambole

The ‘Muro delle Bambole’ is a protest, or a way to highlight violence towards/killing of women: that’s femicide in one word. The Wall of Dolls Milan can be found outside, in the Via De Amicis 2. It’s a very grim and gloomy installation of a collection, with maybe hunderds of dolls: tattered, dirty and grey (because they’ve been outside since 2015) they hang from a metal rack.

Amongst the dolls are posters which explain what you’re looking at, images of women who died and also some dried out flowers. So we guess it became a monument as well to remember the female victims of (domestic) violence.

The initator of these walls, which are scattered througout Italy, is Italian TV host Jo Squillo,  she works with the organization ‘WeWorld’ in Italy. Continue reading

Magasin Horaz New Department Store in The Hague

Magasin Horaz New Department Store in The Hague

A new and lovely department store has been opened: Magasin Horaz in The Hague. Why is Magasin Horaz special? The shop itself: it’s divided into separate rooms in a historical violin workshop (from Josef Joachim Vedral, violin maker) built in 1700. The goods: a mix of, well, everything; carefully selected by owner Horas Simanullang. Browsing the store you can feel the fun it’s owner has with filling his store, we think that’s very special! Magasin Horaz has a small selection of high quality goods like menswear fashion (Comme des Garcons, Van Slobbe Van Benthum) bespoke designer objects, (cook) books, interior design items, some top notch foods and sooooo much more. The back of the store houses a small art gallery with a new exhibition every two months. You can also have a drink in the “Red Room” and sit outside on the patio if you like. The shop has yet to have a “Grand Opening” but it is open already!

The stairs to nowhere are showcasing items from the store.

The Hague: the city where queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands live. Magasin Horaz is situated in the old part of town: the center in the Molenstraat, a stones throw away from the Royal Palace Noordeinde, that’s where the Dutch king works. Visit Magazin Horaz on Facebook

Art Rotterdam 2014

Yesterday we went to the opening of Art Rotterdam in the wonderful Van Nelle factory. The place was over crowded but we still managed to see some interesting works. We will visit this art fair again later this week to have a better look, it really seemed worth a second visit. Tip of the week: if you are near Rotterdam in the Netherlands you should go there!

The Van Nelle factory is an industrial montument, initially designed by Michiel Brinkman, after his sudden death Jan Brinkman and Leendert van der Vlugt finished it around 1930. This building is an icon of the Dutch “Nieuwe Bouwen” movement, or as we say in German the “Neue Sachlichkeit” The Van Nelle building was a factory for coffee, tea and tobacco, nowadays it houses companies and hosts events. The building and it’s surrounding alone are worth the visit to the Art Rotterdam Fair. (image Van Nelle factory via archined)

From 6 to 9 February 2014, this international art fair Art Rotterdam has 114 participating galleries, half of them are from abroad

For some Party Snaps made at this opening go HERE