Momspoons M is for MOM


Appdikted is at it again! Here’s the GIF for today! Share this #momspoons GIF with your mother, why don’t you?! Show your love today! Hi Mom! xoxo

The other day we got some lovely silver spoons from a friend. The spoons belonged to her mother who has sadly passed away. Appdikted made this GIF in memory for her mom.

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Linda Lazer

Linda Lazer

Hi, I am Linda Lazer,

I am a stay at home mom. I have special powers which I only use to make my children happy.

Mom is cutting vegetables and bread  (via ntwicr)
DSC_0073-YodaYoda Lunch by cookiecutterlunch (via molempire)
Translation: Thank you Mummy, for this delightful lunch!
( via a-lisha)

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