Mary’s Purple Palace

Mary’s Purple Palace

I am the biggest Prince fan, everyone knows that. But I came accross a story of even a bigger fan. Her name is Mary.

xoxo Beja von Bis

Images and story via Dennis Roszkowski shared with the group Prince Vinyl Record Collecting on Facebook

” Mary (93) moved to her new place on April 22nd. I was with her helping her move when we heard the earth shattering news that Prince had died. My phone, as I know all other fans phones did, started blowing up with the news, and when I told Mary, she said “I always thought I would be in heaven before Prince.” Continue reading

Shivering Bowls by Nendo

The Shivering Bowls by Nendo are a set of bowls for the KAMA. Sex & Design exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan (5th Dec 2012 –10th March 2013). The curators asked eight designers to create an object, in conjunction with an exhibition that explored ideas of eros in design from ancient times to the present, from a cultural anthropology and mythical perspective. “We located the intersection of eros and design in the spiritual pleasure provided by an object’s touch, and decided to make an extremely thin bowl out of silicon for our contribution. The bowl resembles a ceramic one, but with a tension to this perception, generated by the extreme thinness that would be impossible to achieve with clay. The bowl changes shape as easily as liquid when it is touched, and continues to quiver momentarily in response to the outside force. We wanted to express eros through a design that invokes desire – a design that viewers simply can’t bear not to touch.” (movie by Takahisa Araki/photographs by Hiroshi Iwasaki.via Nendo)

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