Huge Street-Art-Faces at Prada

Huge Faces, women’s faces to be exact. They covered the walls at the Prada Runway show for Spring/Summer 2014. These faces also covered some off the dresses and bags (duh). What a lovely idea, we at Mimi Berlin do like our comic books! The murals were made by street artists: El Mac from the United States, Mesa from Spain, Gabriel Spencer from Canada, Stinkfish from Colombia, Jeanne Detallante from France , and Pierre Mornet from France. We also found some images of actual street-art-faces made on buildings by RONE. Comparing the faces made in and outside shows us that there is no real difference in effect.

That was the whole point at Prada. The story behind the fashion show is one of street gangs and powerful women. “Because she works in fashion, it’s easy to forget how political a creature Miuccia Prada has always been. Continue reading