Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art

Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art: It occurred to us that Beja von Bis has never been properly introduced on Mimi’s Blog. And that’s a darned, doggone shame on Mimi Berlin’s part!

You must know that Ms von Bis has been blogging for over one year, every single Monday, at Mimi Berlin’s Blog. Continue reading

Pamela Plant

Hi, I am Pamela Plant, I love plants. Although I’m a bit stuck in the sixties of the previous century, I do like my gadget’s to be the newest you can buy. The most comfortable place for me is my home. My newest gadget, a vacuum cleaner, is operating 24/7 ’cause it doubles as an entertaining center for my roommate.
Collection Fall 2012 Paule Ka (via kleidersachen)tumblr_mrgz4n6yyz1r18tzao1_500
Sixties ceramics available von MimiMall: Villeroy & Boch, Mug: made in england Pot: West-Germany
via itslaurenpham.