Kitty Necklace Half Plastic and Half Silver

About Kitty Necklace

The Kitty Necklace is a design by Mimi Berlin Bijoux created with salvaged materials: plastic and silver. The plastic beads were discarded by a child at one point and the silver chain is gifted to us by Kitty, it’s an attic treasure. The silver lockets and our little logo-tag are new.


Mimi Berlin Bijoux decided to use the decorative silver ‘Haferkorn” chain to string the plastic beads and delicious food-charms together into a necklace suitable for adults. Presenting these beads, and in particular the lovely, detailed charms, in the way they should be presented: with respect with precious metal.

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Mimi Berlin Bijoux: Evolutionary Extravaganza

Mimi Berlin Bijoux: Evolutionary Extravaganza

Mimi Berlin Bijoux: Evolutionary ExtravaganzaEvolutionary Extravaganza Necklaces; Second Best; faux pearl necklace in Princess length, (45 cm/18″) the second most popular length for classic pearl necklaces. (We expect the arrival of the First Choice necklace; which is similar in design made with cultivated salt water pearls, coral and a 14kt golden locket)

“Classic Pearls, but your average necklace….”
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From left to right: Pearl Producer, Rabbit a.12, Rabbit a.16, from the Evolutionary Extravaganza series of figurines by Mimi Berlin.





Padaung in London

“The Kayan Lahwi people, also known as Padaung, are a minority ethnic group with populations in Burma and Thailand. Padaung women are famous for their distinctive custom of wearing brass coils around their necks.” (read more at Once upon a time in 1935 these so called “giraffewomen” visited London. This journey was captured in black and white. We think these images, of cultures colliding, are truly wonderful and very inspiring. ( All Getty Images via )

It’s things-from-the-past-you-should-see-week, an educational program at Mimi Berlin.


Mimi Berlin Bijoux/Close-Up Portraits

Mimi Berlin Bijoux: The Close-Up Portraits Collection.
Mimi Berlin Bijoux/Close-UpMimi Berlin Bijoux/Close-UpMimi Berlin Bijoux/Close-UpMimi Berlin Bijoux/Close-Up

Close-Up is a series of portraits which can be used as a necklace, a toy, a tesbih or as an artpiece on your wall.

The Close-Up series are Unique pieces, made with beads in onyx, coral and pearls (salt and sweet). The smiles aren’t perfectly white; these yellow smiles are made with vintagedeluxe glass beads. All the faces have 14kt golden locks on the top in the middle. Continue reading

Gummischtuck goes Tribal

Gummischtuck goes Tribal
Gummischtuck goes Tribal mimi berlin“A great way to wear the tribal or ethnic look is with accessories. Mention the word tribal accessories and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is big chunky necklace made of multiple rows of beads or a head dress with exotic feathers in it. All of us carry a couple of pieces of ethnic or tribal accessories in our wardrobe knowingly or unknowingly. It could be a chunky beaded necklace, silk thread bangles, a cowrie embellished belt, beaded footwear or a quirky tribal hair band. This season, the effort is to put wild pieces together with tame or boring clothing to create a statement making look.” (read more at afromeetseuro)