Colourful Design Not a Toy

These are no, repeat, NO toys…

Chair Random sample 2010 by Nina Saunders (and Camira fabrics) / Ethno Teknik jewelry collection by Tom Binns / Balenciaga shoes for Fall 2010

Victorian Vulcanite

carte de visite of a victorian lady wearing a jet brooch and earrings and a vulcanite locket on chain, 2-1/2″ by 4″. “E. Le Jeune Photographe, Naples”. 
Victorian vulcanite grapes necklace
Victorian lady wearing a vulcanite necklace
Victorian lady wearing a vulcanite cameo pendant and golden earrings. Cabinet card handwritten on the back in pencil, “Lizzie Richardson”.
Victorian vulcanite chain with celluloid cameo pendant

Victorian lady wearing a teardrop-shaped necklace and a carved ivory name brooch. Carte de viste marked “Photographie Parisenne, Letalle & Co., (from Paris), 36 Cannon St., Birmingham”. And carved ivory name brooch

Victorian vulcanite china with four-lobed pierced and carved pendant with highly embossed floral front
Victorian lady wearing an intricate vulcanite necklace.