A Ride through Nanjing Road, Shanghai

A Ride through Nanjing Road, Shanghai. Nanjing Road (南京路 Nánjīnglù) is Shanghai’s main shopping street, and one of the most hectic ones we’ve ever seen. It’s also a long stretch so they have little sponsored trains to ride you back and forth on this shopping street. That’s what we filmed for you, the view we had in the 5 minute ride.

Married in Shanghai

When you get Married in Shanghai you have to take wedding pictures. We know this for a fact because we took all the pictures below in one evening stroll along The Bund, with it’s magnificent view. Most of the brides wear red dresses which are probably hired, you can see at the back that they don’t always fit; their are either laced up or pinned down, that doesn’t matter it won’t show on the pictures. The photographers are mostly young hipster guys who direct the couple in a severe way, even putting fingers in the right pose, they all have an assistant. It’s really crowded with newly weds getting their picture taken, some very happy and some uncomfortable. Either way it’s a very important day for everybody.

Motels and Cow Girls

On the road: The glamorous life of a Cow girl.
western motel
Western Motel. All The Amenities, photographer unknown ( via battered shoes)
graig mcdean
Cowgirls, they always trigger our imagination, a teen-age dream probably, but we are not the only ones: A boy named Sue by Craig McDean (and who is the fashion editor, anyone?)  for W Magazine, March 2004.

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