Fashion and Photography Horst P. Horst / Mattijs van Bergen

Fashion and Photography Horst P. Horst / Mattijs van Bergen

The exhibitions Horst P. Horst and Mattijs van Bergen’s “Photo to Fashion”, at the Netherlands Photo Museum, are the last exhibitions of the interdisciplinary Black/White program, which lasted 3 years and was about cross-overs between photography and other cultural disciplines.

Horst P. Horst, Photographer of Style, is a retrospective exhibition. produced by the V&A, curated by Susanna Brown. On show are all Horst’s iconic fashion photos, including vintage prints that were never on display. Also on show; Haute-Couture dresses, vintage vogue magazines, sketches and personal notes from Horst. (Sept 26, 2015/10 Jan10, 2016)

The Netherlands Photo Museum and Dutch fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen collaborated on the exhibition “Photo to Fashion“. Van Bergen designed a small collection, he was inspired by 20th century black and white photography from, for example, Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990). Mattijs van Bergen and the Netherlands Photo Museum then invited 3 Dutch fashion photographers, all female and from 3 different generations; Sacha van Dorssen, Wendelien Daan and Petrovsky & Ramone to interpret this capsule collection, next to B&W they all added color to their work, unlike Mattijs van Bergen; the copper accessories were the only touch of color to be seen: Chique!

Wendelien Daan is also the photographer of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fests, she is family. We think she outdid herself with the “Nymphs” series she made for the “Photo to Fashion” exhibition. The museum liked it as well; Her work “Jamilla” has been blown up larger than life, printed on plastic and can be seen outside as wall, next to 2 images by Horst…..BAM

See some Party-Snaps, made at the opening of these exhibitions HERE

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