Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: New Wing

Goodmorning! Finally we visited the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, our main interest was to see the new wing, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, which opened in september 2012 (read more). Please join our route today since it’s sunday.

The entrance, visual identity by Mevis & Van Deursen. Without kidding; see more of that below.

First ‘new’ view, a beautiful mix of old and new architecture.
Downstairs, our first encounter with art in this museum. The space itself is huge, which is nice and overwhelming. It can house so much more than 3 works of art. Unfortunately the largest underground gallery, (The ABN/Amro zaal which is an 1,092 square meters (11,754 square feet) column- free, open plan space) was closed (from november 4) due to the installment of the retrospective of Mike Kelley.This retrospective will open December 15, 2012. We have to return in 37 days, hopefully we will be in Amsterdam again by then. On the left the covered escalator.

Second floor, can’t seem to remember what’s on this floor exept for stairs and an elevator…
^Explanatory text/visual identity for work below.
In the new second-floor galleries the temporary exhibition Beyond Imagination features new projects and commissioned works by an invited group of 20 artists, both Dutch and foreign-born, all active in the Netherlands.

A silent crazy jungle under glass (Gestein 1-5) by Susanne Kriemann, 2011.

View in between the new and old wing.
On the left; Petra Blaisse has created a textile hanging that covers the back wall of the restaurant and continues into the entrance hall, where it rises 14 meters (46 feet) to the top. On the right: The historic, formerly outside brick wall.
The entrance hall of the new building, in what used to be the street, doubles as an exhibition space. In this case ‘The Best Dutch Book Designs 2012’
Lockers on the groundfloor.
Library, downstairs.
Conference room, downstairs.
The interior of the Restaurant Stedelijk is created by Dutch design bureau Concern, (^photocredits: Concern)