Niels Peeraer

Yesterday we visited Arnhem again. This time we went to see the main exhibition of MoBA 13 “Fetishism in Fashion”.
A leather headpiece in soft pink with gold hardware, designed by Niels Peeraer, really caught our eye. It looked like a purse turned upside down and at the same time as a leather wig: Cleopatra meets Manga. At the office we looked up this young designer from Belgium and learned he is a designer of mostly bags, bracelets, key chains and such. Up till now he made four collections in a strong, personal style, expanding the story he started telling with his MA collection for S/S 2011.

(Photography by Dirk Alexander, courtesy of Niels Peeraer)
‘Guess technology isn’t ready for pancake teleportation’ MA collection (S/S 2011) by Niels Peeraer. About a boy who has an imaginary boyfriend but still prepares everyday to get married to his love.

We thought this photo is explanatory for Niels Peeraer’s style: sweet softness combined with the opposite; rough and hard core: Killercute! His latest work has evolved into more roughness than the photo above, it immediately makes you think of sex in an SM kind of way, again: KillerCute!!!

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