Fashion Designers with Pet Dogs

We know that it is BonTon nowadays to have a cat, Mr Lagerfeld even has a twitter account for his Choupette.
But there used to be a time, in the ninetees of the previous century for example, when a pet dog was THE accessory Du Jour (see below). Even Karl L. had a dog! For us, at Mimi Berlin, there is no choice, we simply are dog lovers and we’ll stay dog lovers forever.
Karl Lagerfeld pet dog
Karl Lagerfeld circa 1990 with his dog Mr. Ashton (via Wmagazine)
GianFranco Ferre and pet dog
GianFranco Ferre and his dog Argo in 1990. Styled by Edward Enninful via Wmagazine)
marc jacobs with dalmatian dog
Marc Jacobs matching his dog, about 1990, photographer unknown (via dogwalk)

Want to see more fashion designers and their dogs? Just click here for Rex Dieter’s collection on Mimi Berlin’s Facebook Page

Dishwasher Pete

Dishwasher Pete is the pen name for Pete Jordan, author of the popular Dishwasher zine as well as the book of the same title, whose goal was to wash dishes in every state in America.
Dishwasher, Published in 2008 (via)

Pete Jensen and/or Jordan in the 20th century (via outwestnewspaper). Dishwasher, 15 issues, ceased publication around 2001(via atomic books blog)
Dishwasher Pete has a blog nowadays, with posts like ‘Jobs that don’t call for an education‘, we aren’t sure if this is written by the real Pete J. but it’s an informative blog on jobs in general.
Mac & Cheese Box Collection from Dishwasher Pete (via)