Kaleidoscopic Effect through the OP Vase Collection

Kaleidoscopic Effect through the OP Vase Collection

The OP-Vase collection is a series of vases designed by Studio Bilge Nur Saltik in 2015, they are hand-crafted in collaboration with Turkish artisans in Istanbul. The glass pieces come in two colors (blue and green) and in three sizes, each with  a unique pattern of cuts and extremely precise corners.

 Home Decor

“A signature quality of each glass vase is the illusion created by its complex pattern of cuts. A kaleidoscopic effect is created within each thick glass form, so that when viewed from different angles, a single flower placed within it, dissolves into an entire bouquet!” (read more bilgenursaltik.com)

We feel that adding OP to your home-deco collection is an investment worth making, certainly if in you live in a country where flowers are expensive.

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