project No 8, NY, NY

The shop at the Ace Hotel in New York. 
From the outside in.

From the inside out.
Caters to everything a visitor wants and needs

Like jewelry and wallets,
shampoo, toys and  bags,
pouches, keychains, adaptors,
Everything for children (gifts from mom and dad?)
Something to read.
Art, chairs and umbrella’s. The merchandise in this hotel shop is sort of functional, but above that, they are good-looking and designed. For example; if you forgot your toothbrush you can buy one here, in black. All products are of the “design” kind, very easy on the eye, just like we like it!

Visit Mimi Berlin at The Gem Kingdom……

Visit Mimi Berlin at The Gem Kingdom……

Gem Kingdom regularly gives artists and designers the opportunity to use the shop window of the Gem Kingdom store as a platform.
The 6th exposition, is by Mimi Berlin. Berlin’s Dream-Homes/Traumhäuser will be showcased at the Christmas window of the Gem Kingdom Flagstore in Amsterdam from 10/12/11 trough 11/01/12.

More of Mimi Berlin’s Dream-Homes/Traumhäuser

Below the previous windows designed for The Gem Kingdom.

Sjoerd Vroonland, July 2010

‘Bebe’ flower sculpture by Andreas Verheijen, August 2010

‘Still life’, by Riette Wanders, September 2010 (via)

Left Shopwindow, rightside ‘souvenir Heroic Failure’ (available at the Gem Kingdom Flagstore) by Jozef Van Der Heijden, December 2010.

Window by X+L, September 2011

‘Army of Lovers’ by Marieke Hulsegge, October 2011


Christian Blanken in London

W 10 collection
“Christian Blanken is a UK based designer who was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the Far East and later the UK. He graduated in 1990 with an MA (Honours) in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins School of Art, having initially studied Art and Art History together with Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. After six years of honing his skills working in New York with a number of US based global brands, Christian returned to the UK in 1998 and has since worked with some of the most iconic and successful names in UK, Italian and European fashion. He is well regarded within the industry, not only for his creative skills, but his commercial instincts also”.