Bernard Boutet de Monvel, Portraits

Bernard Boutet De Monvel, Portraits

Bernard Boutet de Monvel (1881–1949) is often described as a society portraitist. From 1926 onwards he spent some time in New-York and worked as an illustrator for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


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Museumvisits Photographed by Mimi Berlin’s Blogger Team

Museumvisits Photographed by Mimi Berlin’s Blogger Team

Mimi Blogger Team visits exhibitions all the time. We often take Partysnaps but we also like to like to incorporate the art itself in our photo’s. Over the years we gathered a large collection of people watching the art on show. The moments we capture are special or absurd or just plain pretty. We also like to take these photo’s when we’re bored or when the younger audience is bored. Also if it’s too crowded to really have a look at the paintings (or other form of art) on show, which is often the case on opening nights.

From left to right:

  • Visitors at the Romantisicm in the North exhibition at the Groninger museum
  • At the opening of in the Gemeente museum, The Hague. Couple is reminescing their past friend who’s work is on show.
  • A woman taking a photo of the wall at Fondazione Prada, Milan
  • Mimi Blogger Team in line at the opening night of Jump into the Future at the Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam
  • At the opening of 25 years of Gem Kingdom: Dutch jewelry designers, at the Coda museum in Apeldoorn.
  • At the opening of Elise Tak‘s exhibition; The Baby Dailies. Where we met André Smits for the first time. For his ongoing work, a ‘Never ending art trip’:  Artist in the world, Smits photographes (mostly) artists facing their work. The shot above was his setting wich we ‘stole’ at the Gemeentemuseum Helmond
  • A visitor reading a large portion of text at the Hacked Store and another visitor browsing through a vintage designer clothes collection at the opening of the ‘Temporary Fashion Museum‘ at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.
  • At the opening of Tim Walker’s Garden of Earthly Delights, at the Noordbrabants museum, Den Bosch
  • At the opening of the Horst P. Horst exhibition at the Photo museum in Rotterdam
  • A visit to watch the ‘world’s greatest‘ at the MoMA in New-York

The links in the text above are all found on Mimi Berlin’s Blog:
THIS blog. we posted on all these events

Invisible Personage Armchair

Invisible Personage Armchair

Obviously it’s winter time. It’s cold, nee, it’s Freezing. This awful weather makes us remember the furry designer chair we saw at the BD Barcelona showroom in Spain last summer. The armchair is named ‘Invisible Personage’, it’s created (or: extracted from the “Singularities” painting, by Salvador Dali in 1935. During those years Dalí completed a series with absent figures, which he called invisible personages.) by Oscar Tusquets, inspired by Dali and from the Dali series of designs by Oscar Tusquets. Mr Tusquets is a multi-talented person: an architect, painter and designer of furniture and other products. In his younger years he and Salavador Dali were friends. Tusquets, being one of the founders of the brand BD, produced the plastic Dalilips couch chair in 1975 together with the surrealist painter. This is the Invisible Personage armchair, the latest design from Dalí-inspired design series (2016) at BD Barcelona, made in a limited edition of 20 pieces. It will keep you warm but, unfortunately; this chair is an artpiece, can it really be used as a seater? We wonder how, whomever bought the chair (with the bowl on top of it) uses and cleans it? Continue reading

Caravaggio in Fashionland

Caravaggio in Fashionland

We finally got hold of the September issue of Vogue Italia yesterday (5/10/2017). Vogue Italia is our favorite out of all Vogue’s, and we weren’t dissapointed with last month’s “Roma” issue either.

We, at Mimi Berlin, think the most stun-ning series in this issue is the Ad Arte! edititorial, in which photographer Willy Vanderperre paraphrases paintings by Caravaggio (with styliing done by Olivier Rizzo) The photo above is made after ‘Deposition from the cross’ painted by Caravaggio around 1600. That’s want we wanted to share with yous all today! Have a nice one! xoxo Mimi Continue reading

Felice Varini in Hasselt

Felice Varini

Varini’s work will be on an exibit at the Unie  Hasselt-Genk in Belgium. De Unie Hasselt-Genk is a new and suprising art project that is currently being realised between the two characteristic Belgian Limburg centre cities of Hasselt and Genk. Artists, socio-cultural organisations and residents bring attention to the wide diversity of this twin area through a unique range of events, projects and artworks, presented throughout the summer. As of 5 October, De Unie Hasselt-Genk will become part of the surroundings of the area in the form of a permanent art route. As of 21 June, you can visit De Unie Hasselt-Genk, an art route that literally connects the two cities together. Follow the route and discover the artworks of national and international artists in the public space of Hasselt and Genk. At more than 20 locations on the route this summer, you can also experience exhibitions and other activities. For this summer programme, various cultural institutions in the two cities worked together. A dozen national and international artists translate the unique urban environment, the specific landscape and the strong cultural history of the two characteristic Belgian Limburg centre cities of Hasselt and Genk into new and (semi-) permanent works of art, set in special locations within the open space.

For De Unie Hasselt-Genk, Felice Varini realises a painting on the roofs and facades of 99 buildings in the city centre of Hasselt: ‘Trois ellipses ouvertes en désordre’. The composition can only be seen in its entirety from one particular vantage point, the Sky Lounge of the Radisson Blu Hotel. Following the route of De Unie across town, however, visitors will be confronted with a number of fragments of Varini’s work. Every fragment is an attraction in itself. Visits possible from 21st June to 5th October 2014. (images via / / )