Panasonic’s Office Headgear Inspired By Horses Blinkers

Office Headgear

OMG the human workforce will be able to buy ‘wearable blinkers’ in the near future. This headgear is good for not having distraction in busy places while working. The idea for the headband is similar to the devices worn by horses in the city, The human blinkers are still in the prototype phase, so they may never come true, but we, at Mimi Berlin, feel that even thinking up such an ‘animal-farm’ kind of product is unbelievable! They must have big fun at the Panasonic design offices……..

Horses blinkers headgear
(image via google)

to read all about the office blinkers click link to below

Panasonic’s human blinkers help people concentrate in open-plan offices

Marc by Marc Jacobs Toot-a-Loop Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bags for Spring 2015

Moulded plastic bags at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Auch Haben! (images via see full show HERE)

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Bags for Spring 2015 were obviously inspired by the Toot-a-Loop radio introduced by Panasonic in 1972. Hmm…. maybe we want a vintage toot-a-loot more than the bag. No, we need both! (images via bramdamman / goretrol)