Candles in Artsy Shapes and Bright Colors


We, at Mimi Berlin, don’t care much for candles in our home, we aren’t the romantic type that way. The artsy Pillar candles (2018) by Lex Pott and the Hematite Candles (2015) by the Haas brothers made us wanna have a change of mind though. These usable and colorful pieces of wax art are SO over the top fun! Not only literally, they are huge, but also the shapes are spectaculair.

(Images via/courtesy of The Haas Brothers and Lex Pott)


The shape of the Hematite collection are created by filling a panty hose with plaster, then binding them with ropes. They were made exclusively for Cultured magazine, in a limited edition, with the proceeds going to a good cause. They are sold out since they were made in 2015. Lex Pott’s Pillars “refer to the standardised pillar candles but are transformed into an eclectic palette of shapes” and colors. These wax totems are still for sale; for the addresses you can check


We know we are writing about indoor candles on the fist day of Summer, a useless topic for the time of the year. But, in our defence, they are very pretty to look at so we wrote this post as a reminder for when the dark winterdays are upon us.
What do you think? Would you have these wax pillars in your home?

In the Flesh

Markus Schinwald and Julia Bornefeld

In The Flesh. Darlin’ I can’t wait to see you. Your picture ain’t enough I can’t wait to touch you, in the flesh. Darlin’ I can’t wait to hear you. Remembering your love Is nothing without you, in the flesh. Went walking one day on the lower East side. Met you with a girlfriend, you were so divine She said, “Hands off this one sweetie, this boy is mine.” I couldn’t resist you – I’m not deaf, dumb, and blind Darlin’ darlin’ darlin’ Now you’re out of town. Those girls that you run with. They bring my head down. Ooh Darlin’ darlin’ Watch out if I see you ‘Cause if you say hello It’ll mean you wanna see me in the flesh. Warm and soft, in the flesh. Close and hot, in the flesh. (song/ lyrics Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)

Stockings and Shoes

Transparent Nylon.
We ask ourselves: Is it the most sexy fabric on earth?
Shoes and Hosiery, 1948 (Photo credit: thefoxling / / CC BY-NC-SA)

Max Baur – Advertising Photo for Stockings, 1920s (late) (via largerloves)

Prada summer 1989 by Albert Watson.

Yes is is!! Want to meet Patty Pantyhose?

Isabelle Wenzel

Building Images 2010 by Isabelle Wenzel, surprisingly she has never worked in an office. We, at Mimi Berlin, interpreted this work as Just an Average Day in the Office; it’s the perfect capturing of boredom at work in our opinion.


Building Images 2010 by and via Isabelle Wenzel.

Human Roulade

Here’s how to get yourself looking like a roulade:Human Roulade
By wearing these almost vintage fishnet stockings from Agent Provocateur, photo by Mimi Berlin.
Human Roulade
Kristen McMenamy photographed by Mert and Marcus styling by Love Magazine Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand (via howtobeafuckinglady)