Jayne Mansfield at the Supermarket

24/7 Shopping in Las Vegas

Ms Mansfield is shopping in a Las Vegas supermarket, where life goes on 24/7, and day and night are intertwined. Proof of that fact is in these unpublished pictures, made in 1959. The images are very interesting and so much fun to us, at Mimi Berlin. There’s so much to see!
We wish real life were like this, doing your grocery shopping in a lamé dress being as glamorous as can be and being silly at the same time! We will have to book a flight to Las Vegas so we can mimic this behaviour.

jayne mansfield shopping in Las Vegas 1959
jayne mansfield shopping in Las Vegas 1959
jayne mansfield shopping in Las Vegas 1959

Parallel Lives

The image above is the most Fas-Ci-Na-Ting to us. As you can see the little girl in the bathingsuit is in a very different ‘time frame’: parallel lives are captured in one, candid photo here, it’s really amazing! What is she even doing wearing swim attire in a shop?! The question arises; where does she keep her wallet? That same question goes for Ms Mansfield of course. We, at Mimi Berlin, have many more questions looking at these images but maybe it’s more fun if you find your own….We start to wonder if Ms Mansfield has been gambling and partying throughout the night? Guess she was, this is candid real life: it’s fun, even more so because she is the bombshell called Jayne Mansfield.

(Image Credits: “Weekend Color: Jayne Mansfield grocery shopping in Las Vegas, 1959 (unpublished photos printed from the original negatives from my personal collection—-best viewed large” ~ sparklejamesysparkle)

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