How to get married in Shanghai

One fine day in the week-end during a stroll in the Peoples Park we found out how to get married in Shanghai. Or rather, one of the ways to get married. To speed up the process of marriage, parents advertise their kid’s. They line up their umbrella’s with an attached contact ad. These ad’s are simply stating the height, job, housing, car etc. or whatever their offspring has to offer, below that information is stated what they need in return for their child. Young Chinese have little time for play, they spend most of the time studying, that’s why the parents feel the need to help and find a partner. The children are nowhere to be seen at the park (they rather visit the mall in the little spare time they have) it feels like a meeting place for the parents as well, you see them browsing and chatting to each other in a friendly and relaxed way. Setting up dates for their children. We were told that if the date doesn’t work out, it’s fine, mom and dad will search for another date on the marriage market