Les Parfums de Rosine

Les Parfums de Rosine by Paul Poiret’s daughter Rosine Poiret. In 1911, fashion designer Paul Poiret set up two companies, one for each of his daughters. For Martine, the youngest, he established Les Ateliers de Martine. For Rosine, the eldest, he established Parfums de Rosine. Both enterprises flourished until Poiret fell victim to the stock market crash of 1929. Parfums de Rosine was a success from the beginning. François Coty is said to have tried to buy the company. Though details as to who worked on what project are sketchy, we do know that Poiret employed perfumers Emannuel Bouler (they are seen together in a photography), Maurice Shaller and Henri Alméras. Later Shaller created Carnet du Bal for Revillion (1937). Alméras created Joy (1930) and other fragrances for Jean Patou. Although precise records appear not to exist, it is known that many of Poiret’s fragrances from about 1918 on were created by perfumer Henri Alméras who, after leaving Poiret, joined Jean Patou and numbered Joy among his creations for Patou. (read more at perfumeprojects.com)