Bibi Lartigue

Bibi Lartigue was the wife of photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. This couple led the glamorous life of the early 20th century, filled with flowers, cars, hotels, sports and beaches. Proof of that fact lies in the photo’s Jacques Henri Lartigue took of his wife Bibi and their friends.

Bibi in Nice (via Bibi on Honeymoon toilet (via Bibi’s hands (via Bibi on car (via Bibi with coat (via Bibi on beach (via

woman cake via

Studio visit in Amsterdam East

Today we visited the studio of the artists duo Freudenthal/Verhagen.
Situated in a former harbour warehouse, built in 1892, also a formerly squatted building, completely renewed into workplaces. Freudenthal/Verhagen have been working here since 20 years or so. Freudenthal/Verhagen’s work is very imaginative, so is their studio.
Although filled with various things their studio is very tidy.