Mimi Berlin x Laser 3:14 Postcards

Mimi Berlin x Laser 3:14 Postcards

YES! Our Head Balancer will be printed in an edition of 100.000 postcards by Boomerang Cards who came up with an assignment to create a design inspired by a poem written by Laser 3.14. We, at Mimi Berlin thought our picture of the Head Balancer statuette would be a fun match to the “Bunny Suits” poem by Laser 3.14, so did the graffiti artist, he chose our image to be the winning one. The postcards will be distributed throughout The Netherlands and can be found in various bars, clubs, cinema’s and restaurants, for free. We suggest you get our card as soon as possible! What the heck, get yourself a dozen! Continue reading

Lucas Simoes

tonight, tonight
“time is never time at all
you can never ever leave
without leaving a piece of youth

and our lives are forever changed
we eill never be the same
the more you chance the less you feel…”

“I said, “Rock, what’s a matter with you, Rock?”
“Don’t you see I need you, Rock?”
Lord, Lord, Lord
All along dem day

So I run to the river, it was bleedin’
I run to the sea, it was bleedin’
I run to the sea, it was bleedin’
All along dem day”

(thahanks Trendland)

Adventure #1: Tosti’s early years

For us to understand Tosti’s life, we have to know were he’s coming from.

Tosti’s Poem:
From Taiwan to China from China to Holland.
In my life there were some hours in quarantine.
Though I’ve Lived near the blue skies,
I was not allowed.
But I’m living my life to be free.
To be free!
In my life there is place for the beauty that I love.

xoxo Mimi Berlin