Ticket Booth by Studio Job at the Moco Museum Amsterdam

Ticket Booth by Studio Job

This is the ticket booth designed by Studio Job for the Moco museum in Amsterdam. The designers named it: “The Bullshit Circus” the trailer is a textbook example of interactive pop-art.

We took these images a while ago, on November 8, 2019 to be exact. That’s the day we visited 2 openings from Studio Job. This one, at the Moco museum and the opening of the Seletti store in Amsterdam the designers work together with this Italian brand, so they were present at the opening.
Please go to the Studio Job site to get in the know about “The Bullshit Circus”.

Babe Rainbow

When Mimi was a child she walked passed Babe Rainbow more than twenty times a day. This print on tin hung in the stairway of her parental home. Mimi Sr threw it away at some point ” because it was all dented”. Babe Rainbow by Peter Blake
Babe Rainbow by Peter Blake, 1968.
‘Babe Rainbow, a fictitious lady wrestler, is the most recent in a line of wrestlers I have painted’, said Peter Blake. ‘These include Irish Lord X, Doktor K Tortur, Kamikaze and Les Orchidées Noires. She is twenty-three years old and has broken her nose in the ring. She was born in New Cross, London and wrestles mainly in Europe and the USA as there have only been a few contests between lady wrestlers in London. She is the daughter of the notorious Doktor K Tortur.’ (via V&A museum)robbie rainbowjpeg
(via pallantbookshop) Bobbie Rainbow is the fictional daughter of Babe Rainbow, Bobbie’s father is unknown, but she was born during 1976, when Babe was living and wrestling in New York (for a brief period in 1973 she was the world champion), and her most likely father is Ebony Superman, who was also world champion at that time. Bobbie is wearing the championship belts, and famous leather hat passed on to her by Babe, when she retired from the ring in 1989. She is currently wrestling in the U.S.A. and around the world. Bobbie bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother.




Mihalik posing in Fendi, photo by Mario Sorrenti (Vogue Paris, Morning Beauty -Oct 2010, Fashion Editor: Carine Roitfeld) via

Pharmacy by Damien Hirst 1995

Charm bracelet, damien hirst (via)

Luxury Therapy 2008 by mauro perucchetti

Pillman by Micha Klein 1993

pop faces

pop faces
For the second year in a row Joshua Scott takes the title of First Place winner for Food & Still Life photography at the 2010 APA/NY Awards, with his Pop Faces series. In the series Scott finds images of pop culture icons which he crumbles up and then photographs. A photograph of an improvised photograph. (written by MiniBoss@trendland)

Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos is an American artist who loves to paint women, it’s all he does, since the1960s. Ramos portrays the female body naked, or partly covered by, typical American food such as corn, banana’s, candy wrappers, coca-cola and such.The women are like advertisements….yes, it’s pop-art darling!
Mel Ramos
Mel Ramoschiquita banana
Also animals are often companions for the women in Ramos’ work.
Mel Ramos
nude with bird
(all these lovely paintings by Mel Ramos via)