Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest nr. 8

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest nr. 8

Watch Mimi’s latest self-group portrait: Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest number 8. Made by us during the Party Celebration at Sexyland in Amsterdam This time we made a movie: The Party-Celebration: A party hosted by Mimi Berlin, celebrating (almost) 5 years of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest (self-group portraits by, for and with Mimi Berlin). We had Music, we had Drinks, Snacks, Sauerkraüt, Partyhats, Photographers; we had 2 Group-Photo moments and we had FUN  at Sexyland

self-group portrait

A short clip by and for Mimi Berlin’s Friends and Families, a self-group portrait: posing on the couch. The portrayed are all creative minds from The Netherlands. In daily life they try to make the world a prettier place by creating and sharing (mostly behind the scenes) in the fields of art, music, design, theater, illustration, photography, jewellry, perfume and food, and by just having fun in general. (read more mimiberlinfashionfest.com)
Mimi Berlin's Fashion-Fest nr. 8
Moviestill taken from Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #8: The Party-Celebration.

Thanks You Wendelien Daan!

Diana Vreeland VS Sarah Jessica Parker

Diana Vreeland VS Sarah Jessica Parker

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week; These images are taken 30 years apart. Which one is your favorite?

Ours is the left one!
Left; Diana Vreeland in her home photo by Jonathan Becker in July 21, 1979 for Vanity Fair Magazine (getty images)
Right; Sarah Jessica Parker photographed as Diana Vreeland for Harper’s Bazaar by Peter Lindbergh in March 2009 (via harpersbazaar)

Cher in Marc Jacobs Winter 2015 Campaign

Cher in Marc Jacobs Winter 2015 CampaignCher in Marc Jacobs Winter 2015 Campaign

Cher, the ageless singer/actress/icon, is the new model for the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. How lovely she sits there in the red, almost like a porcelain Victorian doll, posing for photographer David Sims. The picture above is taken from @themarcjacobs instagram, posted 3 days ago. Yes, we know it’s not breaking news anymore….

More than a Nice Read; Alexander Fury explains why designers are turning to stars (independent.co.uk)

Gloria Swanson

ÜberGlam at 73, Gloria Swanson. photographed by Allan Warren in her New York Apartment, 1972

(via commons.wikimedia)

Stewardess Nancy Jacquier

Stewardess Nancy Jacquier examining what appears to be cigarettes. Maybe those white sticks are something completely different, we don’t know. But since we are smokers we say that they are smokes and that these pictures were taken in the 1960s. What do you think? Maybe that camera dangling from her arm is hint towards the package being photo camera accessories? Photo’s by Ralph Crane, Sacramento, California. © Time Inc.

Mimi Berlin Cheerleading Squad

Mimi Berlin Cheerleading Squad

Mimi Berlin always was and is, intrigued by cheerleaders, their clothes, the aerobatic tricks, the yells, the pom poms, the sports jocks …. Mimi never wanted to be one, but now Mimi has got one! Meet the Mimi Berlin Cheerleading Squad.

A portrait of Elle. Made in Berlin at the KW Institute of Contemporary Art. Standing in the art of Absalon. Visible is Cellue No.3 (Prototype) by Absalon and a pillar at the ground floor of the gallery. Elle’s Cape is from Y-3 ©Mimi Berlin December 2011.

A Shiva Cheer for Mimi in Berlin. A portrait of The Berlin Connection made on the streets of Berlin, Germany. ©Mimi Berlin 2011

A portrait of Doubleyoudee made in the red room of the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Cheerleading for Mimi Berlin, the extended version of 17 seconds. ©Mimi Berlin 2012

be careful when Mimi asks you to pose, you might become a cheerleader as well…