Post-World War II Sunray Therapy

Post-World War II Sunray Therapy

“Post-World War II, until the Sixties, ‘sunray therapy’ — the therapeutic use of ultra-violet lamps — was widely championed across the UK as an antidote for everything from throat infections to acne.” (via

We think these images of the sunray therapy rooms are simply stunning! Just sharing. Have a nice day! xoxo Mimi Berlin

Staying healthy with ultra-violet lamps (and goggles)

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Mail from Monika Dahlberg

Mail from Monika Dahlberg

We are very honoured to have received mail from Ms Dahlberg! Not an e-mail; No! Actual snailmail, by post! How wonderful that artist Monika Dahlberg took the time to give us, at Mimi Berlin, this wonderful, intimate gift!!!

The last black and white images (see above) are up on the wall of Mimi Berlin’s Headquarters of course!

Make sure you visit Monika Dahlberg’s FB Page to see more of her work!

Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art

Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art: It occurred to us that Beja von Bis has never been properly introduced on Mimi’s Blog. And that’s a darned, doggone shame on Mimi Berlin’s part!

You must know that Ms von Bis has been blogging for over one year, every single Monday, at Mimi Berlin’s Blog. Continue reading