Phi Zappa Crappa Toilet Poster

Frank Zappa

Let’s follow up on yesterday’s post about Mimi Berlin SenioR’s 1960s Marriage Pictures More came to light about the interior of the small attic he lived in. This Large poster ‘Phi Zappa Crappa’ was pinned to the wooden toilet door at the attic of Mimi Berlin SenioR. The toilet was very small, the door was open a lot of times, so this fierce, brown poster could also be seen many times. Memories, light the corners of our minds, they do!Phi Zappa Crappa Toilet Poster(image via

There isn’t much information on the graphic design. It is said that many, maybe millions, of variations of the first poster, first made by photographer the Robert Davidson (at the Royal Garden Hotel, London, in 1967) are scattered around the globe. According to the Independent Zappa said about the result of the photo session “They almost immediately gained cult status, a sentiment echoed by Zappa himself in 1983, when stating, “I’m probably more famous for sitting on the toilet than for anything else.” We, at Mimi Berlin, think the latter isn’t true : what do you think; is Frank Zappa more famous for his music or not?

Prints, Embroideries and Embellishments by The House of Prada

Prints, Embroideries and Embellishments by The House of Prada

Designed between 1996 and 2011, photography Toby McFarlan Pond. Gathered by Rex Dieter.

Menswear Spring 2015: Simple Print Idea

Menswear Spring 2015: Simple Print Idea

How wonderfully simple can a print design be? Very simple! At the menswear fashion shows for Spring 2015 we noticed this trend for prints: The Square.

How to do this
Step one; Take a garment, preferably a T-Shirt, but any top will do.
Step two; Make yourself a square.
Step three: Decide if you like text or an image, if you can’t decide use both.
Step four: Place text and/or image in square.

(all images from

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Hair on a Silk Headscarf

Hair on a Silk Headscarf

How wonderful are these prints?! A headscarf with hair, what a great idea. The one on the right is from Hermès. We could’t find any information on these designs. If you know anything about them, or similar ones please let us know. (images via Katerina Jebb / foundvalue)

We asked Ms Jebb for the designer of the scarf….it’s Givenchy

Reading the News on Paper

Reading the News

Back in the previous century the News was spread through newspapers. Images of people actually reading the news are so sparse nowadays we thought we’d share some of them with you today. Thera are lot of images to be found , we chose the ones with headlines on  the death of important people. It’s hard to find such an image on Richard Nixon on the internet. But we did trace a lot of headlines of Nixon resigning as president, guess that is the same as dying, in the press. Continue reading

Schiaparelli and Kimora Lee Simmons

Schiaparelli and Kimora Lee Simmons.
We love it when our own so called “bad taste” becomes mainstream, or even better, a bit “highbrow”! The catwalk at Schiaparelli’s couture show for fall 2014 was covered in panther (or is it ocelot?) printed carpet! Just the same as the walk-in closet Kimora Lee Simmons had when she still lived with Mr. Simmons (not sure if she still has the same carpet nowadays or if she still carries the name Simmons) Anyways, we at Mimi Berlin don’t actually believe in bad taste, check out our opinion about that HERE in a presentation we made a while ago. (images via instyle /