Reading the News on Paper

Reading the News

Back in the previous century the News was spread through newspapers. Images of people actually reading the news are so sparse nowadays we thought we’d share some of them with you today. Thera are lot of images to be found , we chose the ones with headlines on  the death of important people. It’s hard to find such an image on Richard Nixon on the internet. But we did trace a lot of headlines of Nixon resigning as president, guess that is the same as dying, in the press. Continue reading

Jackson and Valentino reading a Newspaper

Jackson and Valentino reading a Newspaper, What more do they have in common? Themselves! These photograph’s are SO out of this world. Imagine sitting at the Luncheon table with your own picture larger than life in front of you. What does that to the person’s mind? How does one cope with being a brand. Looking at your own name and just being able not to recognize it as yours,  but as a brand, it probably is like signing your lease renewal with the name Pop Tart (for example just naming something)
Jackson and Valentino reading a Newspaper
Valentino, Venice 1980. (via oenespanol)

Jackson and Valentino reading a Newspaper
Michael Jackson reading about Prince on Newspaper 1984 (via bullit1987)

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