Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest

Dear Dearest

Happy Birtday to You: here’s a cake for you!

‘Happy Birtday to You Dear Dearest’ is a statuette by Mimi Berlin from the ‘Bagatelle‘ series. The ‘Cake Bagatelle’ is an everlasting cake with one, fake, candle,  It’s pink and made from hard-plastic. (ø 7,5 x 17 cm, Vintagedeluxe Tupperware/led-light). Want to see more statuettes by Mimi Berlin? Click Here.

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New Powderbox Girls

New Powderbox Girls

The Powderbox Girls are readymades by Mimi Berlin, 2016. Mixed media with found and collectable objects, which (like Mimi Berlin’s Random Stories) are treasured in plastic cubes. In some of the cubes all the items have been left untouched entirely; no glue or other adhesives that can damage items (such as the collectable compact powder boxes or the halfdolls). All the boxes are sealed with a gold filled seal, if you break the seal, and open the box, the sculpturettes inside will fall apart. The ‘Powder Box Girls’ are part of Mimi Berlin’s ‘Fuck Flat’ series. Read all about them HERE at www.mimimall.me

Empowered Maria Statues by Soasig Chamaillard

Empowered Maria Statues by Soasig Chamaillard

Force rose etc. by Soasig Chamaillard, 2012 (image courtesy of the artist.)

Soasig Chamaillard creates new kinds of Maria statues by altering found ones. Above our favorite ones! Aren’t they Fun?! They are 41 cm high and come as a group. Information on price and availability of the statues  can be found at Galerie Caroline Tresca. The workproces vcan be followed here; chamailleries.blogspot.fr