Enoteca Dai Tosi Winery in Matera Italy

Enoteca Dai Tosi Winery in Matera Italy

The Enoteca dai tosi is a winery situated in a cave, completely carved out of stone and developed as a single circular staircase. Enoteca dai tosi is designed by the Belgian studio architecten de vylder vinck taillieu, it is a tribute to Matera, it’s home city in Italy.

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The city of Matera lies in a small canyon carved out by the Gravina river. The historical center, along with the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Continue reading

The Cookbook by Dali: Les diners de Gala

The Cookbook by Dali: Les diners de Gala

Taschen publishers strike again! This year they re-published Dali’s cookbook ‘Les diners de Gala’ which was first published in 1973.

Dali’s cookbook has 136 recipes, some illustrated by Mr. Dalí himself. All these recipes are cuisine of the old school, with recipes by leading French chefs from restaurants as Lasserre, La Tour d’Argent, Maxim’s, and Le Train Bleu. So: let’s return to the Seventies and dress the roast with frilly socks, like the photo in the book suggests. Needless to say we, at Mimi Berlin, feel that this book is proper Christmas gift. If you’re not a fan of Dali try to find a copy of ‘In cucina con amore’ (1971) a cookbook by Sophia Loren; which has been re-published in several languages as well, it’s also an always-okay-gift for sure.

Louise de Vilmorin’s Stuffed Cabbage

Louise de Vilmorin’s Stuffed Cabbage

Marie Louise Lévêque de Vilmorin (4 April 1902 – 26 December 1969) was a French novelist, poet and journalist.

Louise de Vilmorin’s Stuffed Cabbage
1 medium green cabbage2 cups cold cooked pork or sausage meat or roast veal, ground
4 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil
1/2 pint yogurt or sour cream

Plunge the cabbage into enough rapidly boiling salted water to cover the cabbage. Boil for 5 minutes. Drain well, bottom up. Separate the leaves and cut out the hard cores. Place a spoonful of well-seasoned stuffing on the edge of each leaf. Turn over the sides of the leaves and roll up. Place side by side in an oiled casserole with a cover and simmer on the lowest fire for about an hour. To keep moist, add a few spoonfuls of broth or water. Uncover and let brown, turning after 10 minutes to brown evenly. Pour yogurt or sour cream over cabbage and cook until heated through.

Fille d’une célèbre famille de grenetiers, Louise de Vilmorin est le premier grand amour d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry et devient sa fiancée. Louise initie le Club GB (Groupe Bossuet) – une société humoristique – dont son frère Olivier est un des membres fondateurs. Pour sa part, Antoine reçoit le titre de Grand poète sentimental et comique.

(via http://www.vogue.com/3620297/haute-cuisine-louise-de-vilmorin-recipes/http://www.antoinedesaintexupery.com/louise-de-vilmorin-dite-loulou-1902-1969http://cembali13.rssing.com/chan-7637394/all_p3.html )

Sakura Jelly

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese.

Widely celebrated in Japanese literature, poetry, and art, sakura carry layered meanings. For example, because they bloom briefly, the blossoms are often seen as a metaphor for the ephemeral beauty of living. At the same time, the joyful tradition of hanami (flower viewing) is an old and ongoing tradition. The practice was first associated with plum blossoms before becoming almost exclusively linked with cherry blossoms by the Heian Period (794–1185). With wider exposure to Japanese art and culture in the nineteenth century, audiences in the U.S. and around the world embraced sakura as a particularly Japanese cultural hallmark.(read more http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/cherry-blossoms/cherry-blossoms-in-japanese-cultural-history.html)

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How to make Sakura jelly

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The Elegance of a Watermelon

The Elegance of a Watermelon: Some people can find elegance in the blunt shape of the watermelon. Wish we had the skills…

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