Pacifier Music Doll Face

Sweeter than Cola!

The Pacifier Music Doll Face is sweeter than Cola!

The Pacifier Music Doll Face is a part of the ‘Important Bagatelles‘ series, made only with discarded (early) plastics and, in this case metal, by Mimi Berlin. The ojects are visibly assembled and each product we used is still identifiable.
Pacifier Music Doll Face is a unique work, signed by Mimi Berlin.

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Blank Faces by Mimi Berlin

Blank Faces

Here you have them: Three ‘Blank Faces’ created by Mimi Berlin. We know that you have to use your imagination a bit with these images….. but that doesn’t make them less cute and tranquil.

We created these serene images after having made a couple of loud objects. Loud in the sense of color but also literally because they make sound as well. (click here to see those)


Our Blank Faces are created with discarded, vintage porcelain from Mosa, Arzberg and Rosenthal.

Postmodern Designer Vases by Mimi Berlin

Postmodern Designer Vases

Here you have a series of four vases in postmodern style, designed by us, at Mimi Berlin. We chose a romantic color-scheme of whites, pinks and oranges. The Postmodern Designer Vases are unique pieces, or prototypes if you will.

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The Temporary Fashion Museum

The Temporary Fashion Museum

All you ever wanted to know about fashion; it’s ins and outs. International recent pret-a-porter, how it feels to wear high heels, collecting and buying (vintage) couture, history; how Dutch people handled fashion,  d.i.y., recycling, production processes and knowledge on waste produced in the fashion industry, the making of fashion icons and more background information trough interviews, movies, tours and workshops. The exhibition is partly permanent; view the Temporary Fashion Museum site for changes and information. Open from September 13, 2015 through May 8, 2016 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

The exhibition is spread out over the entire building, which is 3 stories high. Continue reading

The Flower House

The Flower House


Florist Lisa Waud has bought 2 abandoned houses in Detroit (for $500,-) and created The Flower House Project. In October 2015 she (and other florists) will fill the house with up to 100,000 flowers. After seeing the photo’s above taken from the preview of this project, held in May 2015 with 400 flowers, we, at Mimi Berlin, know that is something we definitely would like to visit!

The aesthetic part for this project was inspired by the art of Christo, and the couture 2012 Christian Dior show in Paris. After the The Flower House event in October the abandoned houses will be taken down (and recycled) to make room for flowers to grow.

“The hope that this deconstruction and land repurposing will inspire others to see abandoned structures as platforms for art and business, and to use them in an environmentally responsible way,” – Lisa Waud.

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Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Fashion Show 2014

Carlynn Armour-Rietveld Graduation Show_2014 on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif
Collection by graduate Carolynn Armour

Mimi Berlin visited the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Fashion Show 2014 the other day. The show was held in an abandoned office building on the outskirts of Amsterdam, a stunning venue! Eleven graduates showed their final collections after the first and second year students showed theirs. Continue reading