Religious Tongue Piercings

Religious Tongue Piercings

Left: A Hindu devotee adjusts her skewer as she prepares for the Thaipusam procession at the Sri Srivinasa Perumal Temple in Singapore January 22, 2008. Thaipusam, a Hindu festival observed on the full moon day of the Tamil month of Thai, is celebrated in honour of Lord Muruga. Reuters/Matthew Lee
Middle: taken in Singapore.  ottsworld.


Age of Aquarius VS Age of Aquarius Songs

Age of Aquarius VS Age of Aquarius Songs

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week; Two versions of the song recorded 10 years apart. The first clip is by The Fifth Dimension from 1969, the second from the film-musical Hair made in 1979. Which one is your favorite?

Our favorite is the Hair version……..But what is the age of Aquarius ? Continue reading

Empowered Maria Statues by Soasig Chamaillard

Empowered Maria Statues by Soasig Chamaillard

Force rose etc. by Soasig Chamaillard, 2012 (image courtesy of the artist.)

Soasig Chamaillard creates new kinds of Maria statues by altering found ones. Above our favorite ones! Aren’t they Fun?! They are 41 cm high and come as a group. Information on price and availability of the statues  can be found at Galerie Caroline Tresca. The workproces vcan be followed here;

Historic Gloves

Thoughts on (Historic) Gloves: Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2013 collection was inspired by the early 18th Century Anglican Low Church, which grant great importance to evangelical doctrines, church rituals, and church authority. The designer came up with these modern versions of communion like accessories. We wonder, if these gloves and jewelry will survive 300 years like the antique “souvenir glove”, what people will write about them in the future. This is what The Metropolitan Museum of Art writes about the white glove dating from 1824:

“Fashion designates geography, and memories of place are embodied in clothing. A portable art, clothing establishes a sense of locale by means of description, mapping, and memory. We cannot transport or transplant the place (or the experience), but we can use our wardrobes as odysseys and souvenirs. These gloves portray Lafayette and may commemorate his visit to the United States in 1824.” (read more metmuseum)(Images from the Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2013 runway from


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Credits from top to bottom:
-Datura stramonium . This plant has its roots in ancient India, where the plant was considered sacred Hindu god Shiva Nataraj is portayed holding the flower. Image by Bianca Sforni (via yoshiigallery)
-From Cabin Boy, a 1994 fantasy comedy film directed by Adam Resnick (via televandalist)
-Detail of one of Jun Takahashi dresses designed for Spring-Summer 2005 (via fatbrides)