Carpet interiors by Farid Rasulov

Carpet interiors by Farid Rasulov

The Carpet interiors by Farid Rasulov are installations and digital prints of entirely upholstered rooms in which he stages animals in white. We, at Mimi Berlin, think they are wonderful. We would transform our house into Rasulov’s Carpet Interiors but we dont own a vacuum cleaner: so that’s a no go, period. Farid “Rasulov is active across a wide range of artistic media – large scale paintings, installations, 3D graphics, animation and sculpture.” (read more

(imagecredits: Farid Rasulov)

Dogs in the Livingroom is an installation from the solo show at the Raboan Moussoin Gallery, Paris in 2014.

Mary’s Purple Palace

Mary’s Purple Palace

I am the biggest Prince fan, everyone knows that. But I came accross a story of even a bigger fan. Her name is Mary.

xoxo Beja von Bis

Images and story via Dennis Roszkowski shared with the group Prince Vinyl Record Collecting on Facebook

” Mary (93) moved to her new place on April 22nd. I was with her helping her move when we heard the earth shattering news that Prince had died. My phone, as I know all other fans phones did, started blowing up with the news, and when I told Mary, she said “I always thought I would be in heaven before Prince.” Continue reading

Won Kim Enclosed: Living Small

Won Kim Enclosed: Living Small

Photographer Won Kim shot these portraits of the guests staying (short stay visitors and permanent residents) at a D.I.Y. hotel (No, it’s not a “theme hotel” it just looks like it’s made by a non-builder) in Arakawa-ku, a county in northeastern Tokyo.
The unnamed hotel is situated in an office building, taking up one floor. (it looks more like half a floor, as in the movie Being John Malkovich; or maybe the cubicles are stacked?)
We tried to book this “hotel” but couldn’t find it on the web. Never mind, we obviously don’t wanna sleep there anyways, would you?
Won Kim DID sleep there and went back, in 2014, to take these portraits for his project Enclosed: Living Small read all about that here and here. Make sure you do, it’s interesting.

(images Won Kim©)

A Bachelor Girl in 1950

A Bachelor Girl in 1950A Bachelor Girl in 1950

LIFE featured a bachelor girl in 1950, 21-year-old Peggy Cross, was followed by photographer Nina Leen during her pre-marriage days.
“Bride’s four showers. With this practical haul Peggy Cross is set to keep house.” see/read more (Photocredits; Nina Leen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

See how Jeong Mee Yoon photographed Japanese children with their stuff in the same manner as above

In the Living Room

Things you can do in the living room. You can put on some bunny ears and pose with the taxidermy, or you can also do a handstand, why not?tumblr_mp9gfeXwKZ1rojphdo1_500
“KODIAK AND POLAR BEAR. Taken by W. M. Hollinger and son, Franklin, at Point Barrow, Alaska (via bad post cards)
image by Ana Kras in synonym via Post-patternism

The Playland Motel

Just Like Hotel Modez, for which we, Mimi Berlin, designed a room The Playland Motel invited 12 prominent designers and artists to curate individual rooms in their own aesthetic. The Motel is situated in an restored 19th century building at Rockaway Beach in New York. Should be fun!!Playland-Motel
Playland: 97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway Beach, 11693, New York.playland motelRoom # 3, Perspective, designed by Simon Spurr (via playlandmotel)playland motel
Room # designed by Nektarios Ioannidis (via playlandmotel)

View The Exchange hotel in Amsterdam it’s design concept is similar  to the Playland Motel……