Take Off Your Shoes

Take off Your Shoes

Image editing by Mimi Berlin. Do take off your shoes and leave them in the hallway after a walk with the dog, after you did your walk backwards or when you’re done walking a fine line. Indulge in some luxurious barefoot-time at home, why don’t you?!

(Image editing by Mimi Berlin, graphics by Appdikted, text by Eli Schäfer.)

Rug Full Moon by Vanessa Barragao made by hand in wool, cotton and botical silk ø 250x250cm. (image via Vanessa Barragao) Triple S Sneaker by Balenciaga, Multimaterial oversize trainers with complex sole (image via Balenciaga)
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Fuorisalone 2014: Ventura Lambrate

Fuorisalone 2014: Ventura Lambrate. Since 2009 Ventura Lambrate has been curating exhibition areas dedicated to present international designers, design studios, design labels and brands, design institutions and galleries in the post-industrial borough “Lambrate” in Milan. Below Mimi Berlin’s favorites at the Lambrate district during Milan Design Week 2014.

http://www.timvancromvoirt.comhttp://jolanvanderwiel.com / http://www.madebyrens.nl / http://www.hayonstudio.com / http://www.sigridcalon.nl / http://www.kosmosproject.com / http://www.bysannejansen.com / http://www.lucasenlucas.com / http://thinkk-studio.com / http://www.arnoutmeijer.nl / http://transnatural.org / http://www.bernotat.eu / supermodels/concern / http://www.venturaprojects.com / DANTE-Goods And Bads / Workmates at Lambrate