Rüpert von Rom’s Must-See of the Month: Dries van Noten

This month’s must-see is more of a MUST NOT MISS. The Dries van Noten exhibit in Paris.

Dries van Noten is the kind of man that makes you want to spend everything you’ve got on anything that wears his label. Van Noten is the one and only for many fashion insiders. And now, as must see of the month, you can get up and close with his designs in the recently opened exhibition: Dries van Noten Inspirations. It’s Van Noten’s men’s and women’s collections combined with important pieces from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs textile collection. A true inspiring event that should be seen by anyone with a love for refined beauty. Like me.
When you go wear something from Dries. Wear everything you’ve got from Dries when you go!

Baci, Rüpert

Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, March 1, 2014 / August 31 2014.

Rüpert von Rom’s Must see of the month: Jessica Eaton

Must see of the month is Canadian photographer Jessica Eaton.

I don’t think I have to use many words to convince you this is great. Well, maybe when you are not a big fan of colorful art. But who is that bitter? I can name a few come to think of it. But let’s not go there.-
Just look her up, she does have exhibitions from time to time.. Enjoy!

Liebe Grusen. x Rüpert

About the work above; “Canadian Photographer Jessica Eaton has created more dazzling photographic works for her debut exhibition in the UK- Ad Infinitum Opening Jan. 23rd – Feb 8th, 2014 at The Hospital Club.  The images are made on sheets of 4 x 5 film and a series of monochromatic cubes. Eaton places red, green or blue gels over the camera lens to make multiple exposures of each cube, “The darkroom is a really visceral way of build a deeper understanding of the medium … and I have pushed the magic of it all into the very small darkroom I now have, the chamber inside my camera bellows.” (via jessicaeaton.tumblr)

Rupert von Rom’s Must See of the Month: Paolo Barbieri

Monica Bellucci, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Classic actresses with one thing in common; they have been photographed by Gian Paolo Barbieri. This months ‘must-see’ is an exhibition of a few of Barbieri’s iconic photographs. The man that made the first cover of the Italian Vogue. A living legend on show at the Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam til March 8, 2014.
Ciao, Rupert

(image credits: Paolo Barbieri)

Rupert von Rom Must-See of the Month: Want-See Galliano

Rüpert von Rom‘s Must-See for this month is more a Want-See: Bring Back Galliano !!

This March it has been three years John Galliano was fired as head designer at Christian Dior. I don’t think I need to explain what happened. We have all seen the clip showing his outburst outside a Parisian cafe. It is an understatement to say: what he did wasn’t OK. But he didn’t kill anyone, did he?
I dare to confess: I miss him like a cut off limb. Fashion hasn’t been the same since he was amputated. Less splendour. We are lacking a designer that takes us to an unimaginable dreamy place of refinement, excessive luxury and wit. There is a vacancy for story teller without boundaries, a visionair.

Christian Dior Haute Couture 2007

The John in the Youtube-clip dishing out anti-semitic comments is clearly a troubled man. The man disagreeing with this is a fool. John Galliano was a black-out drinker and a heavy user of drugs. Fortunately Galliano checked himself into a clinic. He came out well and remains a work in progress. Well done!, I say. Let’s applaud a man that came from the gutter, all apologetic and willing to change and improve. I think we need to acknowledge that fact. It is time for forgiveness and reinstate him back on catwalk. Enough is enough.

It is time to dream again. It is time to bring back Galliano!
Yours, Rüpert von Rom.
vogue gallianoJohn Galliano’s Fantasia, a Tim Walker shoot guest edited by John Galliano and starring his long-time friend Kate Moss. Photo By Tim Walker for Vogue UK December 2013 (via Vogue UK)

Rüpert von Rom Must-See of the Month: Kai Ziehl

Must-See of the Month according to Rupert von Röm: Kai Ziehl. Now the days are grey and we officially entered wintertime certain loneliness can be felt by all of us. An emotion that is often accompanied by dreadful associations, but let’s not! Loneliness can be stunning.

German artist Kai Ziehl shows breathtakingly moments of a world where loneliness is considered a luxury. What we see is a single figure standing alone in an architectural surrounding insinuating the emotion of feeling alone. Surrounded by intriguing shapes and shadows of the architecture the figure shows simplicity so powerful you would like to be there.

Rupert. x

Rüpert von Rom: Must-see of the month Sebastian Bieniek

Rüpert von Rom’s Must-see of the month: Sebastian Bieniek. Brilliance lays in the most simple ideas. Berlin based artist, film director, playwright and author Sebastian Bieniek draws faces on faces. It sounds extremely simple and maybe it is, but the result is a series of portraits with a very attractive illustrative sensibility. My attention was drawn immediately and I just had to share this with you.

Kisses from Rüpert.


(images courtesy of Sebastian Bieniek)