Robin de Vogel: I Twisted More Than My Neck

Robin de Vogel, I twisted more than my neck, 2014. Robin de Vogel took pictures at various places of embellished walls, and copied them onto other walls. She did that for SALON/Big Bang on the walls of Magazijn in Amsterdam and created wonderful nooks and corners in the gallery.

Rüpert von Rom’s Must-see of the Month: The Midsummer Night’s Eve Masked Fairy Ball

Rüpert von Rom's Must-see of the Month
llustration for Fairies For Freedom, the benefit party for ALLOUT organized by Martin Butler as part of Lightness
The Midsummer Night’s Eve Masked Fairy Ball;
This month’s MUST SEE is a rather MUST DO. You must PARTY! On Midsummernight’s Eve 2014, 21st June from 8pm – 2am, we can try to make a difference. Martin Butler together with Mediamatic and SALON/ Amsterdam will host a charity Midsummer Night’s Eve Masked Fairy Ball, with 100% of money raised going to ALLOUT, an organization that focuses on changing policy, education and awareness of LTGB rights. Continue reading


face mask 1920s

Beauty facemask, 1937Electric_face_maskSlim diet beauty face mask, 2011(via)
Rubber beauty masks, worn to remove wrinkles and blemishes, 1921

Electric face mask, 1939

my beauty diary mask review mi
My Beauty Diary mask,2011, by
My imaginary friend

Mineral Nutritional care collagen beauty face mask, 2011(via)

Aluminum Facial Spa, 2011 (via)
Rubber beauty masks, 1921.(via)

Toilet mask, or face glove, 1894 (via)

1916 (via)


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Brand and Webdesign for HairSalon TATI by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin

Brand and Webdesign for HairSalon TATI by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin

Appdikted designed the site for the Dutch hairsalon Tati Kappers (tr from Dutch: hairdressers) The graphics on this site are also designed by Appdikted as well as the image of the splash page, which is a photo of the Shopfront, or rather the Salonfront. This site was build in Adobe Dreamweaver by the multi-talented A. (don’t dare to mention the name again!)

Brand and Webdesign for HairSalon TATI  by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin

We, at Mimi Berlin think this is a lovely site, and so did our cliënts!

View more (brand) designs for the internet by Appdikted HERE