Mimi Berlins Attic Treasures for sale

Some of our Attic treasures, mostly clothes and shoes can be bought at marktplaats.nl.
Yes just click the link and browse to shop shop shop!

Designer Fashion

We have designer shoes, tops, dresses and bags and much more for low prices…….Lanvin, Bally, Celine, Boss etcetera.

Altered Dishes by Caroline Slotte

Altered Dishes by Caroline Slotte

“The reworking of second hand objects play a pivotal role in Caroline Slotte´s practice. She manipulates found materials, primarily ceramic everyday items, so that they take on new meanings.” Caroline Slotte

At first glance the stacked plates are nothing special but in the close-up you can see the fine detailing wich make this work so special. Must be mesmerizing in real life!

(images via thisiscolossal)

Second hand usa: Santa Barbara, CA

Vintage on State Street, Santa Barbara, CA.
Antique Alley,
A gigantic store filled with all kinds of vintage, and some new stuff. 
The owner told us this shop is there for our entertainment. It sure was, our favourite on State Street.
Yellowstone Vintage, clothing  mixed with, too much, popular new stuff. A few gems can be found though.
but be prepared for high prices when you find one.
Random, a
‘Sanford-and-son’  kinda store, everything imaginable can be found here, not all vintage, but nice.
vintage everything, but mostly ceramics and glassware. All items are very tastefully displayed.
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