A Selfie and a Parachute

A Selfie and a Parachutetumblr_o92pd9zGrt1qz4txfo1_1280

A selfportrait with meaning. Photography by Willi Ruge, 1931.

Dieser Augenblick war entscheidend . . ./This Moment Was Decisive . . .
Ich fotografiere mich beim Absturz mit dem Fallschirm/ from the series I Photograph Myself during a Parachute Jump
(Abbaspour, Mitra, Lee Ann Daffner, and Maria Morris Hambourg.
Object:Photo. Modern Photographs: The Thomas Walther Collection 1909–1949 at The Museum of Modern Art. December 8, 2014. moma.org/objectphoto)
It’s things-from-the-past-you-should-see-week, an educational program at Mimi Berlin.



History: Self Portrait in the Mirror

History: Self Portrait in the MirrorHistory: Self Portrait in the Mirror

We saw this story on Petapixel.com and wanted to share it with y’all this fine morning.

“Staring into a mirror and taking a self-portrait with a camera is nothing new. People have been trying to find ways to take their photographs since the 19th century. As humans, we take an interest in ourselves – a curiosity with a dash of self-obsession. A photograph can acknowledge our existence and allow us to view ourselves from the standpoint of others around us. Here are a collection of mirror self-portraits from years passed.” (read the full story at http://petapixel.com/2015/06/02/mirror-self-portraits-from-the-early-days-of-photography/)

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #3

Mimi Berlins Fashion-Fest 3
Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #3 (Professoren in Schwarz/Teachers in Black), March 2014. From left to right: Mimi Berlin and Friends of Mimi Berlin. All the portrayed work in the creative fields of design, art, photography and dance. They are Dutch and are also teachers, or have been teaching. Mimi Berlins Fashion-Fest #3 is a photo montage made by Mimi Berlin©2014.

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