Ceramics by Livia Marin

Ceramics by Livia Marin

From the series “Broken” and “Nomad Patterns” by Livia Marin

-Nomad Patterns, 2012, Ceramic, resin, plaster, transfer-print, 32 objects, Dimensions variable (Eagle Gallery, London)
-Broken Things, 2009, silkscreen on plaster, 68 objects, Dimensions variable. (House of Propellers, London)

(Images courtesy of Livia Marin / found via thejealouscurator)

Altered Dishes by Caroline Slotte

Altered Dishes by Caroline Slotte

“The reworking of second hand objects play a pivotal role in Caroline Slotte´s practice. She manipulates found materials, primarily ceramic everyday items, so that they take on new meanings.” Caroline Slotte

At first glance the stacked plates are nothing special but in the close-up you can see the fine detailing wich make this work so special. Must be mesmerizing in real life!

(images via thisiscolossal)

A Bachelor Girl in 1950

A Bachelor Girl in 1950A Bachelor Girl in 1950

LIFE featured a bachelor girl in 1950, 21-year-old Peggy Cross, was followed by photographer Nina Leen during her pre-marriage days.
“Bride’s four showers. With this practical haul Peggy Cross is set to keep house.” see/read more time.com (Photocredits; Nina Leen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

See how Jeong Mee Yoon photographed Japanese children with their stuff in the same manner as above

Tea Time

Not so friendly server ware

Server ware with ants by Evelyn Bracklow / Hand Painted Tea Set; Treacherous Tea Party by BurkeHareCo on etsy