Candles in Artsy Shapes and Bright Colors


We, at Mimi Berlin, don’t care much for candles in our home, we aren’t the romantic type that way. The artsy Pillar candles (2018) by Lex Pott and the Hematite Candles (2015) by the Haas brothers made us wanna have a change of mind though. These usable and colorful pieces of wax art are SO over the top fun! Not only literally, they are huge, but also the shapes are spectaculair.

(Images via/courtesy of The Haas Brothers and Lex Pott)


The shape of the Hematite collection are created by filling a panty hose with plaster, then binding them with ropes. They were made exclusively for Cultured magazine, in a limited edition, with the proceeds going to a good cause. They are sold out since they were made in 2015. Lex Pott’s Pillars “refer to the standardised pillar candles but are transformed into an eclectic palette of shapes” and colors. These wax totems are still for sale; for the addresses you can check


We know we are writing about indoor candles on the fist day of Summer, a useless topic for the time of the year. But, in our defence, they are very pretty to look at so we wrote this post as a reminder for when the dark winterdays are upon us.
What do you think? Would you have these wax pillars in your home?

Dots in Graphic Design by Geoff McFetridge

Dots in Graphic Design by Geoff McFetridge

Dots and other geometric shapes and optical illusion play a big role in the work of graphic designer Geoff McFetridge. We, at Mimi Berlin, love dots so we chose them. McFetridge works and lives in Los Angeles, amongst his clients are ‘big brands’ for instance Nike and Target, Next to advertising jobs he also worked with film director Spike Jonze and Colette (amongst a big list of others). Be sure to check his tumblr to see more of this, seemingly simple, work, it’s worth your while. xoxo Mimi


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