The Emanuelle Chair: a Sex Icon made of Rattan

Emanuelle Chair

The Peacock chair became the Emanuelle Chair In the 1970s. This throne-like chair with a massive back made of rattan, became a tool for being sexy after the release of the film and the poster-image for the rated X movie Emanuelle; in which the lead-actress Sylvia Kristel posed topless in such a chair. (She did that, or had to, for many years to come.) It became an iconic image associated with sensuality and/or plain sex. Anyone who posed in a Peacock chair became sensual in an instant. And so, it those days you will find images from Julio Iglesias to Brigitte Bardot in a Peacock chair. Amazing!

Exotic Morticia Addams Chair

For people who were old enough to watch TV in the 1960s: you know the chair probably as being linked to the The Addams Family tv series. Mom Morticia Addams sat in one all the time. If you were born in the early 1900’s the peacock chair would have an exotic connotation to it as well, For the first time western culture came in touch with Asian design and materials.There lies the origins of the peacock chair: to be specific in the Philippines.

Twenty First Century designer adaptations of the Peacock chair
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Fuorisalone 2015: Linteloo

Fuorisalone 2015: Linteloo

The work of designer Paola Navone is part of this year’s Linteloo presentation at Salone del Mobile (at the Via Tortona 37, Zona Tortona, just 200 metres past the Nhow hotel). Linteloo and Navone present Furniture, Food & Fun, a set up by Paola Navone & Team Otto based on food and the delicatessen. According to Linteloo, food is a part of the quality of life, that’s why they came up with the concept of a delicatessen marketplace where the finest Italian and Dutch food and furniture meet. Paola Navone also created a brand new collection for Linteloo; “Take It Easy” a simple and refined collection of sofas and side tables in bright tones and grey with contrasting piping. Furthermore new designs by Sjoerd Vroonland, Roderick Vos and Niels Bendtsen are introduced during the Fuorisalone 2015 (the mortadella carpet in the picture above is made by Wurstteppich)

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Salone del Mobile 2012: Sjoerd Vroonland’s Top 10

Dutch furniture designer Sjoerd Vroonland had a busy week in Milan, exhibiting at Spring, Excellence, Talent and Inspiration in Design by Premsela. Nonetheless he was so kind to make and share his Milan Top 10 with us:
sjoerd vroonland
Sjoerd Vroonland. Portrait by Mimi Berlin.

Bij deze mijn top 10 voor Milaan 2012/ Herewith my top 10 for Milan 2012.scholten en baiijings

2MOST, a new and important destination instigated by Tom Dixon which will turn the National Museum of Science and Technology Milan into an ambitious environment for innovation and culture.A diverse group of leading global brands and young designers are located in the extraordinary historic spaces of the museum.

: Soup is served in a military field kitchen during WWII

3- Weltevree in collaboration with Feather Down Farm Days
de vorm4De Vorm

6Wallpaper (photo’s by Sjoerd Vroonland)
bertjan potbertjan potbertjan pot
7 Bertjan Pot, Masks, 2010 – ongoing. At the collective exhibition THE THREADS THAT BIND US presenting the work of a selection of young designers active on the international scene and sharing the same interest in research into the design and construction of systems, processes and objects adopting a critical approach to input coming from everyday contemporary life. (photo’s by Sjoerd Vroonland)
Spazio Hayon
8– Spazio Hayon, solo exhibition by designer Jaime Hayon. (via core77)

Garage Milano
9– Garage Milano. Milan’s newest design and art gallery. Its debut exhibition features pallet furnishings by Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama. (Photography: Valentina Sommariva) (via wallpaper)

 Studio Aisslinger:
 Studio Aisslinger:
10Studio Aisslinger: chair farm – plantation furniture (via designboom)

More highlights for Mr Vroonland:
 Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
Triennale di Milano: The torch for the London 2012 Olympics by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

Outside at Lambrate

Thank you Sjoerd! xoxo MImi


Travigantissimo: Tonight we have a presentation at O-P-A Arnhem.
Come on and join us! Sjoerd Vroonland and Iris Bijvelds will be there as well! We will be talking about craftsmanship (and fashion) at the Salone del Mobile (Poster designed by Igor Teuwen, using Mimi Berlin’s photography)

“vakmanschap is meesterschap” (craftsmanship is Master) Vintage beer commercial by Paul Huf. (to get you in the mood for tonight.)