Frozen Elixer Sensuelle

Elixer Sensuelle

We, at Mimi Berlin, put a bottle of Elixer Sensuelle No 5 by Chanel in the freezer the other day. Why? You ask of us. Well, why not! Without kidding, we made these images as a sketch for a beauty editorial. The idea hasn’t been used, we went another route, but it can be in the future for sure because we still like the image a lot.

(image credits Mimi Berlin Amsterdam)



A quick Sketch by Mimi Berlin 16/1/2017. Camugarden boots 2015 from Valentino Garavani and an Anthurium: Stockphoto from

Pitch of the week: Flowers in shoes.
Wouldn’t this be a lovely page in a magazine? xoxo Mimi Berlin.





Art mit Udo #6

Art with Udo, masterclasses; Lump (1956 – 29 March 1973). Udo Vektor is showing us art in a different way. By combining images he makes us look and think in a different way than we’re used to.

images via bradh

Vielen Dank Dear Udo Vektor
Art with Udo #7