Susan Bijl x Etnomanie Special Collection

Etnomanie by Ellie Uyttenbroek for Susan Bijl

Susan Bijl is a designer best known for her nylon shoppingbags. Ellie Uyttenbroek is best known for the ongoing photoseries Exactitudes. These two women themed up to create the newest ‘Susan Bijl collection’ named ETNOMANIE. Have a look at the campaign images below, how lovely are they?!Susan Bijl x Etnomanie Special Collection(campaign image credits: Photography by Jan Bijl. Models: Jelke Ostermann, Angelina Koemans, Johan Amenyeku, Ebony Netserab, Eisha Hersilia. Design: Mary Pelders. Assistance: Pia Please)


Etnomanie is a wordplay capturing the modern-life hysteria of globalization. Ms Uyttenbroek is the ‘inventor’ of this word. Click here to read more about the 2017 Etnomanie exhibition, shaped by Ellie Uytenbroek, at the Dutch Photomuseum in Rotterdam.

The collection of bags, pouches and a raincoat is available in five colors, based on skin tones. The colors are named after former Nobel Peace Prize winners: Wangari, Barack, Malala, Liu and Agnes (buy/see all at

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300 Shades of Foundation

300 Shades of Foundation

From beige to brown 300 shades of foundation will do the trick. Let’s examine these colorcharts…..

Is It Magic Or Is It Foundation?…It’s Magic Foundation
Perfect looking skin for all ages, all skin tones (read more

Yeezy Season 2

Yeezy Season 2

Comments on social media on the Yeezy x Adidas (shoe) collection for Spring/Summer 2016, presented at New York Fashion week, are downright Nasty! The comments range from the “Emperor’s Clothes”, “Gap meets Good-Will Industries…?” to “Is Kanye about to outfit an army of Tusken Raiders?”, the latter is the most used visual comment, it’s meant to ridicule the fashion show. Par Accident these fashion-illiterates on the net made a fashionable equation; comparing the second Yeezy collection with the epic Star Wars movies isn’t such a bad thing, au contraire; we could have come up with that ourselves! But we didn’t.
And now we are stuck with the image of Jedi Masters and Tuscan Raiders…..So all we can say is that we, at Mimi Berlin, actually like the collection designed by Kanye West, the clothes and colors make the boys and girls look handsome.
Are we the only ones with a more positive reaction to this collection?

See those comments made on the net gathered HERE at
and on Oh, also it was compared with the way homeless people look…..just like the First Yeezy Collection was.

(images by Provided via hypebeast and uk.complex)

Fall 2015 Pret-a-Porter; Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Fall 2015 Pret-a-Porter; Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals teamed up with music producer/artist Kanye West. The (gossip/tabloid) world seems to trip over anything Mr West does (Remember the plain white “hiphop t-shirt” débacle on his collaboration collection with APC? And they still write about his outburst towards Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards in 2009.) There will be a lot of fuzz again over the Kanye West x Adidas Originals collaboration for sure. Continue reading

In the Flesh

Markus Schinwald and Julia Bornefeld

In The Flesh. Darlin’ I can’t wait to see you. Your picture ain’t enough I can’t wait to touch you, in the flesh. Darlin’ I can’t wait to hear you. Remembering your love Is nothing without you, in the flesh. Went walking one day on the lower East side. Met you with a girlfriend, you were so divine She said, “Hands off this one sweetie, this boy is mine.” I couldn’t resist you – I’m not deaf, dumb, and blind Darlin’ darlin’ darlin’ Now you’re out of town. Those girls that you run with. They bring my head down. Ooh Darlin’ darlin’ Watch out if I see you ‘Cause if you say hello It’ll mean you wanna see me in the flesh. Warm and soft, in the flesh. Close and hot, in the flesh. (song/ lyrics Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)