Cobra Art Camping in Amstelveen

Art Camping Cobra

The Cobra Museum of modern art in Amstelveen is organizing ‘Camping Cobra‘ on the 25th of May 2019. What is this, you ask of us. Well, it’s exactly what you think it is. A sleepover at the Museum. Hunderd people can bring their sleepingbags and matresses to spend the night. Bringing your own matresses isn’t very chique, we know, but this is a slumberparty for children of course. We all now a child doesn’t need comfort whilst sleeping (tsssss). Adults are also welcome but they have to be accompanied by a kid.

Camping Cobra  (CoBrA Museum)

24H Amstelveen Festival

The Camping event is organized within the 24H Amstelveen festival. 24H Amstelveen is about the experience of more than 40 activities in Amstelveen in just 24 hours. We suppose that’s for people with very little time to spend, like tourists for example, but also for children obviously.

Anyways, everything ‘tongue in cheek’ aside; if you would like to sleep under famous paintings made by Karel Appel and friends make a reservation here. It costs €10,-.

We do hope that everybody reading this post knows what the Cobra Museum is. If not let us tell you. Cobra stands for Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), Amsterdam (A), it is an expressionist art movement from the 20th century (1948-1951). the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen houses only work made by the artists whitin this group.

The Playland Motel

Just Like Hotel Modez, for which we, Mimi Berlin, designed a room The Playland Motel invited 12 prominent designers and artists to curate individual rooms in their own aesthetic. The Motel is situated in an restored 19th century building at Rockaway Beach in New York. Should be fun!!Playland-Motel
Playland: 97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway Beach, 11693, New York.playland motelRoom # 3, Perspective, designed by Simon Spurr (via playlandmotel)playland motel
Room # designed by Nektarios Ioannidis (via playlandmotel)

View The Exchange hotel in Amsterdam it’s design concept is similar  to the Playland Motel……

Lucid Lucy

Hi, I am Lucid Lucy, My insight on life, in general, is very deep. I like to dance at night and I understand the universe for what it really is.


Credits from top to bottom;
-1957  The Astounding She-Monster, Illustrator: Albert Kallis (detail> full image) viA 1950sunlimited)
-The Augsburg Wunderzeichenbuch, A Sixteenth Century Book of Miracles (via Stephen Ellock)
-Source mascotboy

PROJECTS: even the bedtimes are good

_____________________________________________________________________________ MIMI BERLIN PORTFOLIO: PROJECTS

Even the bedtimes are good.
Für unsere Mutti und in memory of Verena Nuding.
An ongoing photo essay by Mimi Berlin on human life in bed, in random order.

Above: Verena Nuding, 22-2-1980, Even The Bed tomes are good 27, 25,5 x 31 cm, laminated xerox print.

This project is divided into two parts:
First and originally, on human life in bed, in random order. See the ongoing  photo-essay HERE
Secondly; even the bedtimes are good#34, (self) portraits UPLOADED by guests of room 34 at the Hotel Modez. You can also submit your photo HERE
Above: Photo by Beja von Bis made in Mimi Berlin’s room #34 at the Hotel Modez.