Vogue Magazines allover the world March and April 2012

Vogue Magazines allover the world March and April 2012

Vogue Nederland will be launched tonight (3/20/2012).
Vogue Nederland? What’s Nederland; you ask of us. Well it’s the Dutch pronunciation of The Netherlands. If you think that’s a region of the Shire you’re wrong. In fact it’s a tiny Kingdom in Europe, next to Vlaandren, which is a Dutch speaking region as well. That’s about 20 million people all together. (Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 1 billion people, just so you know).
Anyways, we took a look at some covers, made worldwide, for the April issues of 2012. And asked ourselves what does a cover reveal about a country?
Added 21/3/2012 below Vogue Nederland (MBT)Vogue NL issue 1
Vogue Magazines allover the world March and April 2012Vogue Magazines allover the world March and April 2012
Celeb acting as topmodel being fashionable on 2 covers at Vogue China, April 2012

Being friendly Indian celebs at Vogue India, April 2012

Vogue Korea April 2012 Cover | Daphne Groeneveld by Rafael Stahlein

Topmodel freaky fashionable at Vogue Korea, April 2012
Celeb acting like a sexy fashion model at Vogue US, April 2012
Creative and grown-up at Vogue Italia, April 2012

Happy celeb, being herself at Vogue UK, April 2012

Eighties vibe at Vogue Deutsch, April 2012
Easy living in uncomfortable clothing at Vogue Portugal, April 2012

Topmodel slutty at Vogue Russia, April 2012
Topmodel chique rock ‘n Roll attitude at Vogue Paris, April 2012

Laid-back and humorous at Vogue Australia, April 2012
topmodel Informative at Vogue Nippon, April 2012
The magazines below didn’t put their April 2012 cover up yet at the time we posted this blog. Hmm why we ask ourselves….

Fifties sunshine at Vogue Hellas, March 2012

Recycled Vogue cover with celeb as model at Vogue Türkiye, March 2012
Sexy text, less sexy model and funky styling at Vogue Brasil, March 2012

Turning glamour into casual at Vogue España, March 2012
Sophisticated, not too fashionable at Vogue Mexico March 2102.

Mimi Blogger team will be attending the launch of Vogue Nederland, so you can expect our fabulous Party-Snaps tomorrow!