Stewardess Nancy Jacquier

Stewardess Nancy Jacquier examining what appears to be cigarettes. Maybe those white sticks are something completely different, we don’t know. But since we are smokers we say that they are smokes and that these pictures were taken in the 1960s. What do you think? Maybe that camera dangling from her arm is hint towards the package being photo camera accessories? Photo’s by Ralph Crane, Sacramento, California. © Time Inc.

Introducing Rüpert von Rom

Mimi Berlin Blogger team is proud to officially present its newest member; Rüpert von Rom. This flamboyant aristocrat shares with you all that is distinguished, artistic, dapper and not-to-miss, on a monthly basis. He is addicted to cashmere socks and obsessed with smoking Belinda Menthol cigarettes.

Belinda (design 3) (Menthol) /KS-25-H/ – Holland (picture via cigarettespedia)

blue smoke

Smoking Gitanes cigarettes with style (Puff Puff)Smoking Gitanes cigarettes with smoke
Smoking Gitanes cigarettes with smoke

Smoking Gitanes cigarettes with smoke
Gitanes cigarettes

CREDTS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Photo by Solve Sundsbo / David Bowie (via) / Jimi Hendrix photo by Gered Mankowitz, 1967(iimagecredits: via / Gitanes Cigarettes(photo via flickr, view a complete Gitanes collection here)/ Ingrid Bergmann, no smoke, but feeling blue.(via))