Evolutionary Extravaganza by Mimi Berlin

Mimi Berlin’s member a-MB-iance created the Evolutionary Extravaganza especially for Salon/Big Bang, it’s an installation reminiscent of an ancient and worn down mini laboratory cum museum, in which statuettes of imaginary animals and other life forms are on show. Continue reading

The Gem Kingdom Loves Mimi Berlin’s History of Circus Legends

And Mimi Berlin loves The Jewelry Designers of the Gem Kingdom! They decided to incorporate Mimi Berlin’s “History of Circus Legends” in their winter presentation at the Premiere Classe in Paris (February 28> March 3 2014). (The Gem Kingdom can be found at stand B29) View a short movie of this presentation HERE

Premiere Classe is a fashion trade show:  “When Luxury meets Creation” is the essential meeting point for creation in Paris at the Premiere Classe. For the past 24 years and twice a year, PREMIERE CLASSE has taken over the heart of the French capital when Paris welcomes the designer fashion shows. PREMIERE CLASSE presents a selection of 350 edgy high end fashion designers who draw the attention of the world’s most exclusive retailers at the Jardin des Tuileries, Terrasse des Feuillants, Paris.

La Jeune Marletta


The sad story of La Jeune Marletta, Ice Skater  (Born a nameless orphan, Chicago, USA. 19??/1915 )
mimi_berlin_iceskater©Mimi Berlin, La Jeune Marletta, Ice Skater. 2013. 1920s glass, 1970s ceramic and plastic, water. 6.5 x 11 cm.

La Marletta was adopted by Bernhard Salchow (Father of Ulrich Salchow, the inventor of the jump bearing his name (1)) He adopted the little child after immigrating to the United States from Sweden leaving his family behind in 1910. Continue reading

Statuettes in Room 34 at Hotel Modez


mimi berlin modez hotel
On the left: The Dip series, animals. (permanent collection of Hotel Modez)mimi berlin modez hotel
Small and black assemblages, animals. (permanent collection of Hotel Modez)mimi berlin modez hotel
The Spanish Flowerpot (permanent collection of Hotel Modez)mimi berlin modez hotel
Small collection from the Mimi Berlin Archives

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